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There is no such thing as a core gamer having gone their entire life of playing video games without having heard the voice of David Sobolov. This successful voice-actor has appeared in more hardcore games with an evil voice than most gamers have defeated said evil bad guys. Well, David’s latest project includes a soundboard from TechPad Productions for the iPhone and it’s called iMEvil. Did I happen to mention that it’s currently available for purchase?

Sobolov had a few words to share in the press release.

“I've become known for playing deep creepy characters," said Sobolov. "It's been great fun for me to have the opportunity to provide a wicked feel to a cool new technology. iMEvil is my first iPhone application. I hope fans of the dark side everywhere are gonna’ enjoy hearing these moments of delicious evil. Make sure to download iMEvil - use it to scare your friends - or just creep yourself out! Then watch for more spine-chilling updates over the coming months. Muahahaha!”

The iMEvil project is a culmination of voice samples from Sobolov, who made a career voice-acting for cartoons, television work, and games such as Halo Wars, Call of Duty 4, Aion, Diablo III, Protoype and many more brand-name, triple-A titles.

iMEvil is currently available for only $1.99, exclusively on the iPhone or iPod Touch. A list of features for it can be found below or you can shuffle on over to the Official Website for more information. As always, be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games for more news, updates, insight and media for all things gaming.

iMEvil Features:

* Voice of David Sobolov – one of the most recognizable voices of evil in video games

* 32 professionally voiced lines (One of the 1st apps under the Screen Actors Guild new media agreement)

* requent updates are scheduled

* Fun, inexpensive and easy to use iPhone app

* A great soundboard app that is good for more than just one use; downloaders can use the sounds over and over to scare friends! Or, use on speaker phone to prank friends!