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Longtime League of Legends character Janna Windforce has received an amazing new skin. Starting today, players can make the support mage look like a weather forecaster in the PC and Mac strategy game.

"Riot Games Network (RGN) is pleased to announce the latest addition to the Nightly News team: Forecast Janna," reads the release announcement for the skin. "Before receiving her degree in meteorology from the Yordle Academy of Science and progress, Janna double majored in Drama and Earth Science during undergraduate. In addition to forecasting, she enjoys windy walks, ward shopping and helping other champions rack up enormous minion scores."

"She's also a staunch supporter of animal rights, and works tirelessly in the endless fight for manatee equality. She's a leader in the ongoing crusade to bring the killers of Urf to justice."

A forecaster skin seems very appropriate for Janna. True to her nickname "the Storm's Fury," she relies on her mastery of wind in battle. She can use gusts of air to speed her allies, heal them, or encase them in a protective shield. Alternately, she can unleash her storm powers on enemies to slow or damage them.

Forecast Janna wears professional attire, as well as a raincoat. Her spells have new animations, including a radar map effect on Eye of the Storm. Janna's voiceover also includes a smattering of meteorological terms.

Janna's new look is one of several Legendary Skins available for LoL. The Legendary Skins are all complete makeovers and include diverse looks like Gentleman Cho'Gath and Corporate Mundo. Each costs 1820 Riot Points to download through the game's store. Whether you think this skin is worth the money is up to you, but I think we can agree that Forecast Janna is a lot more noticeable and impressive than her Frost Queen or Tempest outfits.

The spotlight video for Forecast Janna is below. Also, you can see a few screenshots of her navigating the battlefield in the gallery below. The top professional teams are currently competing for a shot to be crowned world champions on October 4th.

Season 3 of League of Legends' Championship Series is currently underway

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