In case you haven't had your fill of first-person shooters in a modern setting, and also assuming you are an Xbox Live Gold member, then this Friday will give you yet another opportunity to put untold numbers of bullets into countless online enemies as the Medal of Honor: Warfighter beta gets underway.

Danger Close's newest shoot-a-thon is set to release on Oct. 23 but, if you meet the above criteria, you'll get first crack at the game's online mode in this weekend's special beta event. We now go live to Danger Close's Senior Game Designer Daniel Wiksten for further details.

If I know anything about my fellow Americans, it's that we're frequently lazy and thrown off by the slightest of accents. Therefore, in case you either didn't watch the minute-long video or had trouble understanding Wiksten's jibba-jabba, let's go over the details one more time.

During the beta, players will have access to 12 Tier 1 Operators. Once you've picked your killing machine, you'll be thrown into the Sarajevo Stadium map to try your hand at the new gameplay mode, Hotspot. If you've ever played the Conquest mode in a Battlefield game, then you've got the basic idea. Only, instead of various control points set across a given map, the “Hotspot” spawns a random location on the map.

Lock and load, boys and girls. You're only a few weeks out from getting to pick up the retail version of Medal of Honor: Warfighter, and if you want to have the competitive edge, then you'll want to hone your skills in this weekend's beta on Xbox 360.

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