A new trailer for the super-realistic racing game rFactor 2 has been released, courtesy of the community. While the team continues to build and build and build some more, gamers get to see exactly what it is they're building, thanks to trailers like this one, entitled “Menace”, featuring Shane “The Menace” Stanton.

We don't talk much about rFactor around this parts and that's a bit of my fault. The game is still very much in the lower-budget sector of the game development arena and much like it's bigger cousin, Project CARS, a lot of the promotional assets come directly from the game community. Just as the name asserts, Project CARS is a community assisted racing simulator, and rFactor is also a community driven racing franchise that gets its popularity and support directly from the community.

Before talking more about rFactor, let's at least discuss that trailer, which was spotted over at Team VVV. Hot dang that trailer was amazing.

There was a kind of ferocity depicted in that racing style that we just don't see very often, much less see it from a realistic style racing simulator. The fact that the trailer was called “Menace” and featured Shane “The Menace” Stanton blasting the living daylights out of that tarmac like they stole something special from him. I loved every single second of it and it's nice to see that some trailers can promote sim racing as aggressive and hard-edged, without it always being about the beauty of tire shredding and the appreciation of a car's curves.

Now, time to talk about rFactor a little bit. This game has been hailed and is continually being hailed as the game to which every racing simulator should be measured given its uncompromising depiction of weighty, accurate car physics and handling.

While the game obviously lacks the graphical edge of its top competitors such as Assetto Corsa and Project CARS (the latter of which makes next-gen games look tame), rFactor 2 makes up for its visual shortcomings by outdoing its kin in the physics and racing department. As showcased in the trailer, there is an unbridled sense of speed that the game maintains as players take turns at suicide speeds and barrel down straightaways as if they were out-racing death on the highway of life. It's infectious.

It's also nice to see that the developers have found a nice way to iron out a corner of the racing genre for their own little niche, coexisting rather well with iRacing and the upcoming Project CARS without churning up too much heat in the fanboy factory.

You can learn more about rFactor 2 by paying a visit to the game's official website.

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