After Machine Gun Kelly Shared Story About Nearly Shooting Himself, He Shares Bloody Photos From Smashing A Champagne Glass

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Ever since Machine Gun Kelly made a name for himself in the punk rock scene, he’s been exhibiting some pretty abnormal behavior. He’s never been afraid to come clean about the distressing moments he’s been through like when he shared about the time he almost shot himself while on the phone with his fiancee Megan Fox. But not long after, MGK shares bloody photos of himself after smashing a champagne glass to his face.

Just recently, Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox were twinning their pink hair in honor of his Hulu documentary Life in Pink. Before that, this musician had an after-party for his sold-out June 28th show at Madison Square Garden. However, he shared on Instagram some graphic photos of what he looked like after smashing a champagne glass to his face during the show. The Texas native had a bloody gash above his right eyebrow with blood all over his face and clothes. The caption reads, “NYC you’re my bloody valentine.” If you’re not repulsed by blood, take a look below:

In a video posted by US Magazine, the “Emo Girl” singer said “I don’t give a fuck, bro. I don’t give a shit” before smashing a champagne glass to his face. He’s still performing his song “My Ex’s Best Friend” like nothing is wrong as the crowd gasps. Then the crowd continues to sing along with MGK as well as taking videos of him with their phones. Here’s the shocking video below:

While some may call this “rock star behavior,” I see it as a cry for help. There have been numerous times when MGK has been no stranger to blood. While suffering from depression after the death of his father, he tried to shoot himself in the mouth while he was on the phone with Megan Fox only for the shell to get jammed. There was also the time he was playing around with a knife trying to impress his lady love only for him to stab his hand while trying to catch it. Not to mention he wears fake blood-syringed earrings and has a ritual with the Transformers star in drinking each other’s blood

What’s most disturbing about Machine Gun Kelly’s video, other than the obvious bloodshed, is the audience treating this like normal behavior. However, the comments in MGK’s Instagram photo show a number of fans hoping this famed rockstar gets better. Fortunately, Kelly has been in therapy for his drug abuse issues. With his history of self-harm tactics having been on full display, this is not something that should continue to be ignored. Hopefully, Machine Gun Kelly gets the help that he needs so he can continue rocking out for his fans and his loved ones.

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