Ashton Kutcher And Natalie Portman Joke About Mila Kunis And ‘All Making Out’ With One Another During One Movies Period

Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman have been friends for years. They co-starred in the romantic comedy No Strings Attached and seemingly remained friendly. Funnily enough, during the same period of time, Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher’s wife, made a movie with Justin Timberlake titled Friends With Benefits, which has a similar premise. While the coincidence is hilarious enough, Portman recently pointed out another strange detail from that time period. 

While Kutcher and Portman got their workout on in a new promotion for Peloton, they discussed their friendship and when they first started hanging out together.

Ashton Kutcher: I think the first time we really started hanging out is when we shot No Strings [Attached] together. 

Natalie Portman: Who would’ve thought 20 years later, we’d be on a Peloton together?

While they also joked about Kunis essentially making the same movie around the same time, Portman pointed out she also made Black Swan with Kunis, noting that during this time, Portman, Kunis and Kutcher were all making out with each other due to what was asked of them in their prospective roles. This was the exchange:

Ashton Kutcher: Wait, it’s also weird because my wife was shooting basically the same movie called Friends with Benefits.

Natalie Portman: And Mila and I had just shot Black Swan together right before. So we were all making out with each other.

This is a very funny way to put it, but Natalie Portman is right. Kutcher and Kunis began dating in 2012, a mere two years after Kunis starred alongside Portman in Black Swan. The two share a particularly steamy scene in Darren Aronofsky’s acclaimed ballet thriller, and the role won Portman her first Oscar. Shortly thereafter, Portman was Kutcher’s love interest in No Strings Attached. It is great that these two can look back and laugh at the odd coincidence during that time period, and I'm eager to hear Mila Kunis chime in on the matter. 

All three of these actors have incredible chemistry and I would love to see them co-star in a movie together. Maybe it could be about platonic friends who decide to embark on a casual relationship without feelings getting in the way. Oh wait, I think they already made that one. 

It may be a while before Natalie Portman takes on any new projects, even with old friends. She recently jumped back into the MCU, appearing in Thor: Love and Thunder this past summer, as well as having provided voice work for the What If... animated series. Many fans are already theorizing what Portman’s future could be within the MCU as new projects are announced.  However, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher aren’t opposed to returning to an old stomping ground. The couple are performing in cameo roles for That '90s Show, a spin-off of That '70s Show, which they co-starred in. 

While we wait for a much needed on-screen reunion, you can stream Thor: Love and Thunder with a Disney+ subscription. That '90s Show will be coming to Netflix subscribers in the near future, and Peacock subscribers can binge all seasons of That '70s Show now. 

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