Ben Affleck And JLo Dominate The Headlines, But It’s Affleck’s Relationship With Jennifer Garner’s Beau John Miller I’m Most Interested In

When any couple decides to go their separate ways it can certainly be somewhat awkward for those involved. When you’re talking about celebrity couples you have the added pressure of all that taking place in view of the public. Ben Affleck was once married to actress Jennifer Garner and now he’s married to the multi-talented Jennifer Lopez, which could conceivably make the previous relationship all the more complicated. But not only do things seem to be working out with Affleck and Garner, he’s even getting along with his ex's boyfriend.

Paparazzi photos published by Page Six show Ben Affleck being all smiles chatting with John Miller, the CEO of Cali Group and the current boyfriend of Jennifer Garner. Affleck had come to Garner’s home and was waiting for the pair when they returned from somewhere. It seems the two men got along great. Reports also indicate that Garner and Lopez are also friends, so it’s just smiles all around for this group.

Even if there’s no active animosity, when any two people get divorced there are often difficulties, as there was a reason for the divorce in the first place. Although if you have children together, as Affleck and Garner do, then you can’t ever truly cut ties entirely with your former flame. In most cases that just means remaining civil, but sometimes true friendships can be born.

We’ve seen that happen in cases like celebrities Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet. While married to Bonet the Aquaman actor was also incredibly close with Bonet’s ex, Lenny Kravitz. And even now that Momoa and Bonet are no longer together, all the relationships between them still seem to be quite strong. It’s nice to see that, despite whatever reasons there were for the split, everybody also remembers why they were close in the first place, and that seemingly allows them to move forward but remain close. 

We’ll have to wait and see if the relationship between Affleck and Miller becomes something akin to Mamoa and Kravitz. Assuming that Garner and Miller stay together they certainly have the opportunity to become friends. They may simply be friendly with each other when their paths cross, but we’ll have to wait and see if the guys are spied doing things together without either of their families involved.

Even if this isn’t the birth of a new bromance, it is at the very least a look at everybody getting along well, which is good for everybody involved and just generally nice to see. Everybody seems to be happy where they are, and that makes everything easier, especially for the kids, who are clearly a focus for all. 

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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