Chris Evans Finally Shares Photos With New Gal Alba Baptista On Valentine’s Day, And Fans Can’t Get Enough

Chris Evans and Alba Baptista are quickly becoming one of the cutest couples in Hollywood, in my opinion. Now, after the Knives Out star posted an adorable Instagram story in honor of his girlfriend, the fans and I have a lot of thoughts about them. 

Rumors about the two being together started to swirl after Evans was named 2022’s Sexiest Man Alive. It was confirmed they were dating not long after, and then the actor started posting about his new gal, making them Instagram official. Now, they’re making their love clearer than ever by way of the cutest series of Instagram stories. 

Chris Evans Posted The Cutest Valentine's Day Instagram Story For Alba Baptista

Following going Instagram official back in January, Chris Evans may have won Valentine’s Day with his adorable, slightly chaotic, and overall loving story for his girlfriend Alba Baptista. 

The story starts with a video of the two joking around, Alba Baptista has eyes drawn on her chin and they’re both laughing. What follows is a slideshow of pictures on Evans' Instagram showing the couple out traveling, in topical and cold places, going apple picking, celebrating Halloween, skiing, seeing the Northern Lights, kissing and of course, hanging out with Dodger. 

It looks like the happy couple goes out on adventures a lot together. Evans included quite a few photos of them out on what looks like hikes with Dodger. He also included an adorable photo of Baptista kissing his cheek. 

Alba Baptista kissing Chris Evans cheek

(Image credit: Chris Evans' Instagram)

The rumors about their relationship started running rampant around Halloween, and the pumpkin carving situation. Well, while it was confirmed they were together not too long after October, these photos show they really did spend the spooky season together in a sweet way. 

Chris Evans and Alba Baptista in costume

(Image credit: Chris Evans' Instagram)

As I mentioned, rumors about these two being together really got going following Evans posting a photo of them carving pumpkins. And that theory was confirmed as the Captain America star posted a cute photo with said pumpkins. 

Alba Baptista and Chris Evans posing for a selfie while carving pumpkins

(Image credit: Chris Evans Instagram)

There was also a myriad of cute selfies of the two, like the one above, including this one of them in the car:

Chris Evans and Alba Baptista posing together in a selfie

(Image credit: Chris Evans Instagram)

However, let us not forget Dodger, who made plenty of appearances in the slideshow, including this cute photo of Evans driving. 

Chris Evans driving with Dodger the dog leaning on his shoulder

(Image credit: Chris Evans Instagram)

The final video in the story shows Baptista playing Super Mario Bros. 3 and being stressed while Evans hysterically laughs and coaches her in the background. 

Alba Baptista playing Mario Bros 3

(Image credit: Chris Evans Instagram)

Let’s just say we were all a bit overwhelmed by this influx of adorable content of Evans and Baptista. So, following this adorable Valentine’s Day Instagram story, fans were not afraid to share all their thoughts. 

Fans Have Lots Of Thoughts About Chris Evans And Alba Baptista

The feelings are flying on Twitter following fans seeing Chris Evans’ adorable IG story. The emotions are all over the place, from love to jealousy, and overall they are incredibly entertaining and capture all the thoughts about this newly Instagram official couple. 

Vicky used an image from Euphoria to show how she’s feeling about Evans’ post. It’s giving distraught but also excited vibes because while we’re all bummed Captain America is off the market, seeing him post with his girlfriend is so cute. 

Nat used a timely football video to show how emotional they are about Evans’ post, and I gotta say, same. This IG story is so wholesome, I could also shed a tear. 

As I mentioned, emotions run the gamut about this Instagram story. I think this video of Pedro Pascal laughing and then crying from ash encapsulates the vibe on Twitter right now when it comes to Baptista and Evans’ relationship. 

Molly was on a similar wavelength posting a Carpool Karaoke video that shows how fans of Evans’ might feel now that they know he’s not just taken, he seems very, very in love and 100% not available. 

My personal favorite tweet came from Siri who reposted a video from Friends of Rachel sarcastically saying she’s so happy and not jealous at all. I think that’s how a lot of us are feeling right now. 

Overall, all these reactions capture the silly, chaotic and loving feelings about Evans and Baptista as a couple. Hopefully, now that they’re Instagram official, they’ll make their red carpet-debut sometime soon. That doesn’t seem like an unrealistic dream considering the Lightyear star has three movies on the 2023 movie schedule, and the Warrior Nun lead has many projects in development. 

With all that said, it seems like the couple will make a public appearance together sometime in the next year with so many projects in the works. However, we’ll have to wait a bit for that. So, in the meantime, you can enjoy Evans' Instagram stories, check out Baptista’s show Warrior Nun with a Netflix subscription, and you can watch the Marvel movies in order with a Disney+ subscription to see Evans’ performances as Captain America. 

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