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Common And Tiffany Haddish May Be Broken Up, But She Still Shared A Sweet Message For Him On His 50th Birthday

Not all breakups have to be ugly, and frankly, it’s nice when two people can go their separate ways and still be able to keep mutual respect for each other, or even remain friends. But that seems to be the case for Common and Tiffany Haddish. While they broke up in November after dating for almost two years, they’ve both spoken very highly of each other publicly. And she even shared some sweet (and possibly familiar) words with him, as the rapper recently celebrated his birthday. 

Tiffany Haddish and Common met on the set of The Kitchen in 2019 and started dating during the COVID-19 lockdown. Despite no longer being together, Haddish chose to honor Common’s milestone birthday, as the rapper and actor turned 50 on Sunday. The Girls Trip actress posted a photo of her ex-boyfriend on Instagram with the message:

Happy Birthday to the King @common! One of the most handsome, dynamic and wonderful men I have ever Known. May the most HIGH continue to bless and shine thru you. I Am wishing you Joy, Peace, Light, Love and fun on your born day! I hope you are Happy for 50 more years. Love!

That’s a pretty nice message, especially from an ex, and Common seemed to appreciate the sentiment, or at least he was in on the joke, as he commented on the post, alongside a crying laughing emoji:

I see what you did there. Thx Tiff!

So what exactly did she do there? Back in December for Tiffany Haddish’s birthday, Common posted that exact message with a photo of her on his own Instagram. Some fans loved what they saw as a sneaky way to shade her ex, but she did add the “I hope you are Happy for 50 more years” portion. Petty or sincere — what were her motives? I guess that’s open to interpretation.

However, if there were true negative feelings toward each other, it’s doubtful that they would have chosen to acknowledge each other’s special days at all, and it’s so on brand for Tiffany Haddish to have found a funny way to sneak a jab into her birthday greeting, just like she cleverly addressed their breakup following her DUI arrest back in January. 

In the aftermath of their breakup Common called Tiffany Haddish “one of the best people I met in life” and said it was “probably the most mature relationship I’ve been in.” He attributed their break-up to their busy schedules, saying he thought they “weren’t feeding the relationship.”

Haddish responded to his breakup comments, saying that she was “very disappointed,” because that’s not what he’d apparently told her. She, in turn, said Common was maybe not the type to settle down with any person. She compared him to “a bee going from flower to flower to flower.” 

Whatever the cause, it's nice to see these two have been able to remain friendly on some level. They did seem to have a pretty special connection — this was the man Tiffany Haddish wanted to buy her an apartment building, after all. 

Common and Tiffany Haddish both have a lot of upcoming projects, including the long-anticipated Girls Trip 2. See what's coming up soon on our 2022 Movie Release Schedule.

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