Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck’s Wedding Officiant Shares The ‘No.1 Thing’ On His Mind While He Was Marrying The A-Listers

JLo and Ben Affleck at the premiere of The Tender Bar
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As the best rom-coms have taught us, crying at weddings is as natural as gravity, as emotions run high and happiness is celebrated by all. That’s not a problem if you’re attending a wedding, but if you’re life coach/wedding officiant Jay Shetty, it’s definitely a problem. Especially when the number one thing on his mind while marrying Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck was keeping his emotions in check while marrying the A-listers.

During a guest spot on Just For Variety, the man who oversaw Bennifer 2.0’s lavish second ceremony revealed that not letting the waterworks go was a major concern. Admitting to this very emotional state, Shetty recalled his mental state in that moment as follows; 

The No. 1 thing that was going through my mind was, ‘Don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry.’ Because I’m a full-on crier. I was just talking myself down. So I had to just pull myself together because… every part of me just wanted to sob full of love.

The entire story of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck finally marrying decades after breaking up already feels like a tale fitting of a good rom-com. Picture standing in front of this couple, hearing Affleck’s vows about how everything happens for a reason, seeing them both look into each other’s eyes while swearing to part only in death. That’s practically enough to get anyone to start misting up on the spot in the audience, so imagine how Jay Shetty felt. 

It’s the sort of magic that even minister Ryan Wolfe felt when performing that secretive first wedding in Vegas. When asked if he felt that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s marriage was going to last, Wolfe was absolutely convinced. If it wasn’t for the fact that so many other couples were getting married throughout the day, he might have been tempted to cry himself. 

The world has rallied behind the iconic romance of Affleck and Lopez, bringing together a couple so loving they can put aside their coffee preferences to star together in a Dunkin Donuts Super Bowl ad. It’s hard not to fall in love with the beauty of their romance, and if Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck decide to renew their vows, whomever officiates should take some classes from Jay Shetty, as he’s clearly a black belt in fighting those happy tears and getting on with the show.

Conveniently enough, Jennifer Lopez is turning heads in a wedding dress right about now, albeit for different reasons. You can see her kicking ass at the altar in Shotgun Wedding, which is currently streaming for those of you with a Prime Video subscription. Also, don't forget to keep an eye out for Lopez and Ben Affleck in that Dunkin Donuts ad, which should be airing during Super Bowl LVII on February 12th.

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