Jennifer Lopez Dropped A ‘Summer Of Booty’ Video, And It’s Reportedly Connected To A Major Business Move For The Star

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In 2019, it was Meg Thee Stallion’s quintessential “Hot Girl Summer.” Then last year, in a movement that was probably only executed to its fullest expression by the creator herself, Lizzo hilariously said it was “Ass Crack Summer.” Well, for 2022, Jennifer Lopez has refined the homage and officially declared it the “Summer of Booty” in a newly released video. And reportedly, it’s all connected to a major business move for the star.

JLo Shows Off Her Impressive Glutes In New Clip

We all know that 52-year-old Jennifer Lopez is still serving looks with the best of them. Her latest thirst trap for the masses, in fact, shows her preemptively activating summer mode before the summer actually started. But it was the recent teaser dropped on the actress’ social media accounts on July 5 that's set to give even Kylie Jenner (and her own wet-and-wild swimwear campaign) a run for her money. Check out the seriously sexy video from JLo’s Instagram down below:

The clip is the amalgamation of several throwback hits, such as Pitbull and JLo’s “Sexy Body” and her infamous summer bop “Booty” featuring Iggy Azalea. And if there were ever a quest for the perfect “summer booty,” this video proves that the star's glutes continue to be a pretty ideal (and lofty) standard. The caption for the post mysteriously hints at “something coming” for her JLo Beauty brand, which was launched in January of 2021 and up until this point, has primarily offered skincare products for the face. So what is coming, pray tell?

Is Jennifer Lopez Making Money Moves?

With the beauty sector ever-booming, it appears as though Jennifer Lopez is expanding with it. Page Six Style obtained documents from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) that show the “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” singer applied for trademarks for “JLo Body” and “Body by JLo.” Apparently, a new line of products for the whole body is in the works, to include “oils, tanning, creams, balms, treatments, serums, lotions, bronzers, sunscreen [and] polishes/scrubs.”

If so, like I said, the Kardashian-Jenners might want to watch out. They’ve dominated a decent corner of this particular market for some time. Kylie Jenner has even expanded her skincare brand to the baby demographic lately as well. Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian underwent a total rebrand of her skincare line – but it’s already facing a lawsuit. Now, JLo just might be snagging some of that billion-dollar business for herself.

Is It A New Era For The Iconic JLo?

Any booty tips, tricks or oils promoted by the triple-threat performer are sure to sell like hot cakes – or hot buns, should we say? But interestingly, there was a time during JLo’s come-up where she didn’t appreciate the intense scrutiny surrounding her butt. In her documentary Halftime (now streaming with a Netflix subscription), she opened up about never feeling “ashamed” of her curves but also resenting being made into a near-constant “punchline” by talk show hosts, comedians and the tabloids because of them in the early aughts.

Jennifer Lopez attempts to reclaim her story (and her enduring legacy) in the doc (to much success, in my humble opinion). Viewers see her hustle pertaining to not only her near-Oscar-worthy performance in Hustlers but also to every other facet of her life – from performing at the Super Bowl to advocating for fellow women through her organization, Limitless Lab. The closing credits even shed light on how its partnerships with other entities will "enable over $14 billion of investments for low-income Latina entrepreneurs by 2030."

Of course, though, we can’t help but be fascinated by certain personal matters, too, like Bennifer 2.0. JLo is now re-engaged to actor Ben Affleck after the couple being apart for nearly 20 years, and her posts dedicated to him, like on this past Father’s Day, don’t get much sweeter.

Here’s to Jennifer Lopez’s next era! As we await a potential “JLo Body: Summer of Booty” Collection, her next action thriller film The Mother – co-starring Joseph Fiennes and Omari Hardwick – is expected to release this year as part of the 2022 Netflix movie schedule.

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