Megan Fox Is All In On The Classic Captions As She Throws On Denim To Mimic Famous Britney Spears Outfit

Megan Fox naked dress 2021 VMAs.
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It may be a few months before we catch Megan Fox in a brand new movie again, but in the meantime, she’s had several major fashion moments in recent weeks. The mom of four just recently threw on a denim dress, denim boots and a denim coat to throw back to an infamous look that Britney Spears and then beau Justin Timberlake rocked on the red carpet. She dragged her beau Machine Gun Kelly along for the ride too.

Unfortunately she couldn’t get her MGK to follow suit (pun intended), but she did post the look with a really funny caption, “Britney and Justin if they had been Greenwich Village art school drop outs instead of Disney channel sweethearts.” Take a look. 

What the post doesn’t say is, “Hey here’s another image of Machine Gun Kelly and I clearly not broken up,” which is something she's been doing recently to combat rumors the Good Mourning stars had split. Though Fox is shown solo in the “Britney” portion of this twosome look, her beau does appear in the second image and her caption is apt. 

Though the original denim look with Justin and Britney did feature the pop star in a head-to-toe denim look as well, though the furry vest MGK is sporting is actually not that far off from that period for the *NSYNC star, as he was seen sporting a fur coat for one infamous photoshoot. But no outfit look has lived longer for Timberlake than the denim look he wore with Spears. That outfit outlived his relationship with the pop singer. It has outlived subsequent drama, including his apology to Spears (and Janet Jackson). It has outlived splits and weddings and divorces for both stars. 

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake in infamous denim outfits.

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The only thing it probably hasn’t outlived is Justin Timberlake’s “It’s Gonna Be May” meme. So it’s fitting that Megan Fox, known for both her eclectic fashion choices –see -through fishnet skirts anyone? – and her equally eclectic captions. 

This isn’t the only time she’s amused me personally with her captions, as more recently she tapped into the House of the Dragon/ Game of Thrones zeitgeist to go full “Targaryen” with a look she also shared on Instagram.

I’d only expect more notable fashion moments from the actress from here on out. That is, when she isn’t working in some of the best action movie franchises. We’re finally eking closer to her upcoming debut in The Expendables 4, which is finally in the works to hit the movie premiere schedule in 2023. 

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