Megan Fox Rocks Hot Pants For Beyoncé's Roller Disco, Proves She's Not Broken Up With Machine Gun Kelly

Megan Fox is one of the few actresses in Hollywood who can seemingly pull off anything. I certainly wouldn’t describe her fashion taste as classic, but she looks good wearing bright blue, see-through skirts and even pants-free blazer ensembles for events. This week, she wore hot pants and a sparkly bra top along with knee-high socks and heels for Beyoncé's big roller disco bash. She even brought along beau Machine Gun Kelly, staunchly crushing any MGK/Fox break-up rumors.

In a new post, Megan Fox is back to a center part (a sad moment for the millennial in me), but she is certainly looking flashy. I mean literally, her outfit reflects light. She paired her look with MGK’s sparkly purple pants and a two-toned fur coat, making for a striking pair. 

The looks were enough to prompt Kim Kardashian herself to send the fire emoji. She and The Kardashians star likely caught up that night, as the two were dressed to the nines in order to tend Beyoncé’s 41st birthday party. Some of the other glam names in attendance reportedly included Drake, Adele and her partner Rich Paul, Jaden Smith, Offset, Lily-Rose Depp, Vanessa Bryant, Lizzo, and Bella Hadid. (Oh and Jay-Z of course. Can't forget the Clyde to Beyoncé's Bonnie.) 

Several other Kardashians were in attendance, including Kris Jenner, Khloé Kardashian… and her ex-Tristan Thompson. If you want to talk about celebrity break-ups that's an equally intriguing tale. The two both showed up to the event separately, according to Hollywood Life. The news comes shortly after Kendall Jenner also had an awkward run-in with the father of both of Khloé’s kids. 

Meanwhile, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly got engaged earlier in 2022, but in recent weeks tongues have been wagging about a potential break-up between the two, who both have very busy work schedules. MGK played over 40 gigs across the last few months, and Fox has been spending time with her kids rather than accompanying her partner. She's currently got some acting downtime after filming her badass role for The Expendables 4.

Both have busy personal and professional lives, but have made time to go on dates, including an outing in Los Angeles last month and now Beyoncé's big roller disco-themed party. We'll keep you updated, but it seems reports of their break-up have been greatly exaggerated

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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