Megan Fox Posts Thirst Trap To End All Thirst Traps As News Her Divorce Has Finalized Breaks

It’s a big day for Megan Fox. News broke today that the star’s divorce from Brian Austin Green was finalized after the details had been hashed out a few months back. In addition to that news, which has been a long time coming, Fox also posted the thirst trap to end all thirst traps. Trust me, having worked on the Internet for a decade+, I’m kind of an expert when it comes to thirst traps these days. 

Megan Fox likes to get a little vampy on occasion. She’s in beau Machine Gun Kelly’s “Bloody Valentine” video for example, and if you want me to evoke actual blood and vampires, you need look no further than the trailer Netflix’s Night Teeth, which came out only last year. No blood was involved with the thirst trap this time, but there’s plenty drawing the eye in her Instagram post.

Normally, I wouldn’t bat an eyelash about Megan Fox posting a thirst trap on Instagram. This isn't the first time she's done something of the sort, as she likes to have fun with daring fashion -- remember that time she went pants-free on the red carpet? -- and shows off those looks with her fans. Honestly, if you got it, flaunt it, and she’s got it. Yet it's the timing on this post that is absolutely perfect, whether intended or not.

Was it a coincidence that Megan Fox's thirst trap and her divorce news broke on the same day? Possibly, perhaps even probably. However, the timing is rather perfect, because now instead of talking about Megan Fox's divorce, I simply want to talk about her Instagram Stories follow-up. 

Megan Fox listening to her man Machine Gun Kelly's Emo Girl

(Image credit: Megan Fox, Instagram Story)

Yes, that's Megan Fox in the same outfit playing Machine Gun Kelly’s “Emo Girl” song which is, as you may already know, about a guy who fell for the emo girl. It's also a song that references her cult classic Jennifer's Body with some of its lyrics. 

Despite the attention on the thirst trap, it is worth noting that news broke earlier today that Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox’s divorce has reportedly been finalized after their initial split in May of 2020. She’s definitely moved on and is engaged to Machine Gun Kelly. Her ex is also having a baby with Dancing With the Stars pro Sharna Burgess, so it really was all about ironing out the details at this point. Both parties are co-parenting, and there was allegedly no prenup involved, so assets will be split. 

In the meantime, Megan Fox has seen renewed interest thanks to some savvy social media moves, a new fiancé and all kinds of other changes in her life. Next up, she's set to be a highlight of The Expendables 4 and I'm honestly interested to see what that movie franchise does with her, though we have already seen her looking badass on set. That flick is one of the upcoming movies this year, and I'm sure we'll see more from the actress as her schedule ramps up.

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