No Big Deal, Just Kevin Bacon Singing A Beyoncé Song To His Goats Before Jumping On The Corn Song Bandwagon

Kevin Bacon smiling as Owen Whistler in They/Them
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What does actor Kevin Bacon do during his downtime away from shooting movies? He simply serenades his goats with a catchy Beyoncé rendition on the guitar. And why stop there? Being a farm-dwelling man, he might as well get on the corn bandwagon and sing the ever-popular “It’s Corn” song.

Kevin Bacon just can’t get enough of Beyoncé’s latest album Renaissance, as he felt the need to sing his heart out to one of her tunes. On the Connecticut farm he shares with his family, the Footloose star posted on Instagram a video of himself serenading his goats to Beyoncé’s “Heated.” One of those goats ended up getting the front-row treatment and moved closer and closer to this talented actor's guitar strumming. Bacon's caption read, “Hot day, hot song. The goats and I are feeling Heated, @beyonce. Loving this track.” 

Not only does the They/Them actor have Beyoncé’s songs on his mind, but his love of corn too. He created a TikTok video of his rendition of The Gregory Brothers’ “It’s Corn” singing next to the ocean with the help of a corn on the cob to play his acoustic cover. Kevin Bacon just had to get on the TikTok trend as this song has been used in more than 400,000 clips since its release. He ended the video by taking a bite out of this delicious yellow vegetable. Now, Bacon himself is a TikTok trend as his acoustic rendition currently has 186.3k likes on the video hosting service and has been shared 21.8k times. 

You may be wondering how The Gregory Brothers created this trending song. In an interview with Recess Therapy, an adorable little boy named Tariq couldn’t stop talking about his love of corn. This clip gave this kid social media fame as the video has over two million views. The Gregory Brothers, who are responsible for viral songs like “Double Rainbow Song,” transformed this clip into a musical mashup. According to NPR, this musical quartet continues making these songs to celebrate wholesome moments found on the internet and amplifying them through music.

Kevin Bacon and music have been in a working relationship for many years. He contributed to another viral TikTok trend by dancing to Footloose with his wife, Kyra Sedgwick, proving he's still got the moves. With Footloose having one of the greatest soundtracks and being one of Kevin Bacon’s best movies, who better to partake in this trend? After seeing the Disney+ series Get Back, the 64-year-old actor also performed an acoustic duet with Sedwick in an Instagram video where he sang The Beatles’ “The Two of Us,” with Sedgwick playing the ukulele surrounded by pigs, goats and miniature ponies. Bacon has also been in the musical duo The Bacon Brothers with his brother, Michael, since 1995. 

The JFK actor’s musical chops have been played to an audience of farm animals and his wife of over thirty years. Hopefully the time will come when Kevin Bacon makes a musical comeback on the big screen. Until then, you can see the Hollywood Walk of Fame star in the slasher movie They/Them with your Peacock subscription.

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