Sandra Bullock Reveals The Sweet Reason She Asked Daniel Radcliffe For An Autograph While Working With Him On The Lost City

Daniel Radcliffe interrogating Sandra Bullock in The Lost City
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You normally see celebrities make a fan’s day by signing an autograph for them. However, co-stars are also in favor of the autograph treatment as well. While working with Daniel Radcliffe on The Lost City, Sandra Bullock actually asked him for his autograph for a very sweet reason.

On The Late Show with Stephen Colbert during The Colbert Questionert segment, Sandra Bullock answered a few questions such as “Have you ever asked someone for their autograph?” Her answer happened to be her co-star Daniel Radcliffe. She explains she got the autograph for her sister as a birthday present because she’s a huge Harry Potter fan and she also wanted an autograph for her own kids as well.

Yes, Daniel Radcliffe. For my sister and for the kids. But it was my sister’s birthday and she is a huge Harry Potter fan, so I got her an autograph.

Of course, this is not the first time that one co-star has asked another co-star for their autograph. Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure star Keanu Reeves once got his co-star George Carlin’s autograph while working on the movie together. Carlin wrote to Reeves “Dear Keanu, fuck you.” Luckily, Reeves found out later that Carlin has a habit of writing that kind of autograph to other people too. Well, an autograph like that will definitely always stay in your memory and hopefully never be lost.

This makes me wonder if Daniel Radcliffe signed a Harry Potter copied autograph or if he had to sign on the merchandise that was in The Lost City? After all, when Radcliffe starred in the controversial play Equus, he was ordered to refuse Harry Potter autographs. He had to sign his name on Equus programs instead of Harry Potter posters or other merchandise. Well, I can’t imagine what merchandise Daniel Radcliffe would sign on for The Lost City…unless it was maybe Bullock’s sequined jumpsuit

Don’t fret, Sandra Bullock fans, as there are plenty of celebrities out there who would have loved the opportunity to get this Miss Congeniality star’s autograph as well. And no, this particular person was not Daniel Radcliffe, but his girlfriend and actress Erin Darke. On the red carpet premiere for The Lost City, Darke got to meet her boyfriend’s The Lost City co-stars for the first time in years after filming. This was a great opportunity for Darke since because of COVID, she was unable to meet Bullock on set who she is a big fan of. 

The Lost City starring Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, and Daniel Radcliffe is in theaters now. Be sure to stay up to date on new movie releases so you never miss a beat on what is hitting a theater near you.

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