Taron Egerton Gets Asked About All Those James Bond Casting Rumors, And Shares Exactly Why 007 Is A Tough Gig

Taron Egerton in Kingsman: The Golden Circle
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It’s been nearly a year and a half since Daniel Craig’s final outing as James BondNo Time to Die – hit theaters and, since then, fans have been clamoring for news on his successor. A number of names have been thrown around for a while now, and the producers behind the franchise have yet to give any indication as to who’s on their radar. A-list British actor Taron Egerton has been at the center of Bond rumors, though he’s insisted that he’s not in the running. To that end, the star recently shared even more thoughts on the casting assumptions, even explaining why 007 is a tough gig.

Taron Egerton addressed the James Bond casting rumors just a few weeks ago, during which he said that he hadn’t spoken with the producers. He also claimed that the Broccoli family already has someone lined up to don the iconic tuxedo. Though many have been linking Egerton to the role, he doesn’t seem to believe that he’s the best person for the job. He explained to The Telegraph that he lacks an attribute that’s become somewhat synonymous with an actor who plays 007:

I don’t think I’m the right choice for it. You have to be consistently statuesque to be that guy. And that’s something that I am still striving for. I’ve always struggled with my weight.

While the 33-year-old actor wouldn’t be the tallest person to ever play James Bond, he’d surely still fill out the role quite well. He’s obviously a talented actor and possesses the charisma and charm that the iconic super spy is known to have. Nevertheless, the Kingsman actor doesn’t seem to want to veer out of the lane that he’s formed for himself. However, there are other aspects of the job that make him somewhat uneasy as well. As he went on to explain:

[Playing Bond] is a bit like being a brand ambassador as well as being an actor. And that could be really fun in microcosm, but I’m sure I read that Barbara Broccoli said that it’s a 15-year commitment. It’s sort of irrelevant how I feel about it, anyway, because I can tell you there have been zero phone calls.

That years-long commitment is seriously no joke. We can’t forget that Daniel Craig debuted as 007 in 2006 and ultimately finished his run in 2021. Not all of the actors who played the character stuck around that long, mind you. However, it’s likely that Barbara Broccoli is now looking for a star who’s in it for the long haul so that she and her collaborators won’t have to recast so quickly. Then, of course, there’s also the general prestige and pressure that come with playing the part. Taking all of that into account, you can definitely understand why the Rocketman star wouldn’t be eager to sign on.

All the while, there are so many casting possibilities, with a number of A-listers have been thrown into the pool. For a while, Idris Elba’s odds of playing the role seemed high at one point, though he recently put those Bond rumors to rest. Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Regé-Jean Page’s names are also floating around. Both have since responded to the reports and, while they’re flattered, they’re not sure whether they’ll actually play the part. It’s likely that the producers will continue to be silent on the casting, but we do know that they’re not looking for someone too young to succeed Daniel Craig

These latest comments seem to further drive home that said person won’t be Taron Egerton, though he may be looking to take on another big part. Egerton has been fancasted as Wolverine and even admitted to having a general meeting with Marvel’s Kevin Feige a few years ago. Nothing seems definite on that front either, but he does seem more interested in playing the adamantium-clawed mutant than the British spy – even though the latter is also a tough job. Count on the entertainment world to keep an eye on what lies ahead for James Bond as well as whatever Egerton decides to do next.

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