Watch The Rock Literally Do Curls With His Kid In Sweet (And Impressive) Father/Daughter Moment

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The Rock may have only recently played an actual superhero on the big screen with Black Adam, but the man has always had the muscles of one. We’ve seen countless videos of Johnson in the gym building those muscles, but now we might have the sweetest workout video ever. Dwayne Johnson can curl his kids like a dumbbell and it is both impressive and adorable.

Johnson posted a video to Instagram over the weekend that shows him doing curls with one of his daughters. She’s curled herself into a ball and he’s able to lift her with one arm, and then switch arms back and forth, all without expending much effort at all. It’s incredibly sweet as the young girl is laughing all the while, you get the impression they do this frequently, and Johnson has a huge smile on his face.

In the text of the post Johnson says he came home early in the morning after flying all night, so this was how he was greeted by his family. The Rock has been filming Red One with Chris Evans, a movie set to arrive on Prime Video next holiday season. It sounds like that work has been rough, but the man is glad to be home.

It’s the ease with which Dwayne Johnson arm curls a small child that is the most impressive. It’s not that the kid weighs a lot. Certainly The Rock curls dumbbells heavier than his kid on a regular basis, but you would think that the size of the kid and possibly the weight distribution would at least make lifting the kid like this a little awkward. He makes it look easy. Not only does he lift her with ease but the way he transfers her bac and forth from one arm to another is like she weighs nothing at all.  I’ve never felt more out of shape.

Dwayne Johnson posts as many pictures of his kids as any dad on social media. The man is still on a mission to convince one of kids that he was Maui in Moana. Despite the fact that he’s clearly one of the busiest guys in Hollywood, he’s able to find the time to spend with them. Johnson has talked about the fact that he wasn’t always there for his older children when his career was first taking off, but he’s trying to make up for that now, and based on these smiles, it looks like it’s working.

Whether Johnson has to rush off to a film set again soon or is able to take some real time away for the holidays now, he’s a guy who is clearly doing what he needs to do to spend that quality family time. 

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