Zendaya Fashion: What To Wear If You’re Obsessed With The Spider-Man And Dune Star’s Viral Looks

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Zendaya has been one of the most fashionable celebs for sometime now, between her eye-catching red carpet moments, award show appearances, brand collaborations and viral social media posts. She continues to outdo herself again and again! Considering her fashion icon status, it’s time to inform our own closets with Zendaya-inspired looks, albeit for more everyday fashion than the Spider-Man and Dune actress’ star-studded life.

The stylish actress recently wore millions in bling for a recent red carpet look and has award-winning stylist Law Roach to help her create her looks. How does one even begin to do Zendaya’s fashion sense justice? Well, I took a look at the key trends that Zendaya has been rocking as of late and found pieces (and tons of affordable deals) from online stores that won’t break the bank. It’s time to get inspired by the Euphoria actress! 

Zendaya Loves A Matching Set, Make It Your Own

With a close look at Zendaya’s recent show-stopping looks, you might notice that the actress often rocks the matching two-piece set trend, which has been all the rage as of late on racks of all sorts of styles. Just last week, Zendaya stepped out during Paris Fashion Week in a matching Tiger print jacket-short set combo and some stellar knee-high boots cut from the same fabric. Take a look on Instagram

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Now that specific set is a Zendaya original, but the look is a reminder we all gotta get our own matching set to step out in. Along the same vein, I found a more casual tiger print set that makes for an absolutely killer combo: 

Get the Set: $27 Mesh Crop Top In Tiger Print at ASOS (opens in new tab)
$15 Satin Triangle Bralette at Urban Outfitters (opens in new tab)

But hey, tiger print isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, so let’s talk about more alternatives that is totally still in line with Zendaya’s matching set trend. I found a couple statement blazer matching sets that could wow at the office or during an upscale day out. 

The notes I’m taking down from Zendaya, who also recently wore a Prada bralette/skirt combo for the NAACP Image Awards, is coordinating a specific color or print all throughout one look is a super sleek fashion choice. Plus, with sets like these, you have a really effortless outfit right there that you can mix and match with other pieces later on. 

The One Where Zendaya Channelled Rachel From Friends

Remember when Zendaya debuted a new bob haircut in December that totally gave off ‘90s Rachel from Friends vibes? Well, ever since the actress took the look for a spin, I’ve been inspired by the nostalgic fashion sense that went with it. I absolutely love her decision to wear a basic tee with a vintage-looking pinstripe vest alongside a gold necklace. It’s so simple to recreate that most of us just need to nab a vest like that. 

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$25 Cropped Pinstripe Vest on Urban Outfitters (opens in new tab)

If you’re following women’s fashion trends at all, you know ‘90s looks are all the rage right now, whether that be chunky sneakers or slip dresses making a comeback. I love this simple getup which looks like Zendaya paired with dark jeans and a black belt as well. I’d finish it off with some high-top Converse or booties! Here are a couple more vest options I found: 

Get Inspired By Zendaya’s Attainable Oscars Fashion

While Zendaya was not among the boldest 2023 Academy Award looks, given that she did not attend Hollywood’s biggest night this time around, I’m still not over her ensemble from 2022. Rather than the actress going with a ball gown, she pushed the boundaries of a red carpet look with a high cropped top and shimmering silver skirt from Valentino. Check it out, plus the picks I found to recreate the trend: 

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$169 Cropped Shirt at Free People (opens in new tab)
$59 Crinkle Satin Maxi Skirt at Urban Outfitters (opens in new tab)

The fashion statement can actually be the inspiration for a night out look that’s rather simple. Just find yourself a cropped button-up and pair it with a maxi skirt, which are simply everywhere these days. The Oscars moment it is inspired by really accentuated Zendaya’s figure and is rather attainable compared to a great deal of red carpet looks we’ve seen from Zendaya. 

Go For The Cutout Dress Moment

Another trend we’re seeing a lot from Zendaya is the cutout trend. A lot of designers are making use of the style, especially on dresses lately, and the actress has worn the look in various ways lately. One great example that I took inspiration from is this Valentino campaign from last year: 

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I absolutely love this hot pink cutout dress with strappy gladiator sandals. It feels like a really fun spring or summer moment ready for us to try out. Here are a couple of pieces for way less than a Valentino price tag to check out to embody the fun ensemble: 

$25 Ribbed Cut-out Dress from H&M (opens in new tab)
$32 Tie Leg Flatform Sandals from ASOS (opens in new tab)

Cutout styles are kind of everywhere right now. Whether it be on the sides of a dress or out in front or in the back, there are a ton of ways to get into this trend in a way that accentuates the features of your body you want to let out. Check out this awesome halter dress in the spirit of the above Zendaya dress as well: 

There are so many fun Zendaya styles that can be translated outside her glam life full of red carpet, fashion or press appearances that inspired me while looking over her recent looks, and perhaps the actress got you thinking about upgrading your own closet and outfit ideas as well. Most of all, fashion should be fun and cater to your own fashion sensibility! If Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday Addams is more your speed, check out our Wednesday fashion guide and stay tuned here on CinemaBlend for more ideas on Hollywood fashion for less. 

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