There's less than two months to go until the release of Thor: Ragnarok, which looks like it could be one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's craziest movies yet. While Chris Hemsworth's God of Thunder has most recently appeared in Avengers: Age of Ultron and the Doctor Strange mid-credits scene, it's been nearly four full years since his last solo movie, Thor: The Dark World, was screened in theaters. As Marvel has shown in the previews, Ragnarok will blend the Asgardian/Nine Realms mythology that the first two movies appropriately leaned on with the cosmic weirdness that has been the bread and butter of the Guardians of the Galaxy movies.

The Thor: Ragnarok marketing campaign will soon be kicking up a few notches to tease even more of the movie's content. But as we continue to count down the days until we can see Thor and his allies prevent all of Asgardian civilization from being destroyed, here are the questions that we're still wracking our brain about over the upcoming MCU feature.

What's Happening With Odin?

To be fair, part of the question has already been answered. After disappearing towards the end of Thor: The Dark World, we've since learned that Odin was banished to Earth without his abilities. Without the All-Father around, Loki was free to impersonate his dad and rule Asgard as he saw fit. However, as was teased in the Doctor Strange mid-credits scene, the beginning of Thor: Ragnarok will see Thor and Loki looking for Odin with Doctor Strange's help, and we assume they'll eventually find him wandering the streets of Manhattan as a homeless guy. But from there, it's unclear how Odin fits into the story. Anthony Hopkins hasn't shown up in any of the previews released so far, so what's happening with him? Will he get his mighty abilities back, return to Asgard and lead the fight against Hela? Or will the Asgardian goddess of death eliminate him before he's able to return to full power? Whatever the explanation, I can't help but feel that the future doesn't bode well for Odin.

Why Was Valkyrie Banished?

Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie was originally part of an elite group of troops put together by Odin to defend Asgard from extreme threats, including Hela. However, judging by the snippets shown of this conflict in the Thor: Ragnarok trailers, battling the goddess of death doesn't end well for these soldiers, and it's possible Valkyrie was the only one who made it out alive. When we meet Valkyrie in the present day, she'll be working as a bounty hunter for Grandmaster after years in exile from Asgard. The big question is, why did Odin banish her? Was he disappointed that she failed to stop Hela, and banishment was her punishment? Or is there another reason the All-Father took such harsh action. Once Thor and Valkyrie are on good terms, maybe she'll be willing to shed light on the matter.

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