Katy Perry Did Watch Taylor Swift's Netflix Documentary, Here's What She Thinks

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift as hamburger and fries in You Need To Calm Down music video
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Remember when Taylor Swift and Katy Perry’s bad blood was all the rage? The two pop stars had a feud going on for years and it provided the world with some fire diss-tracks, but it was all a bit too petty. Thankfully they ended the feud once and for all in Swift’s “You Need To Calm Down” music video when the pair hugged it out whilst dressed in hamburger and fries costumes.

Last month, Taylor Swift bared a lot about her life in the spotlight, songwriting process and famous feuds in her Netflix documentary, Miss Americana. The film gave fans insight and a better understanding of the artist, and now Katy Perry is showing her support for it. Here’s what the American Idol judge said when she was recently asked about her relationship with Taylor:

Well, we don’t have a very close relationship because we are very busy, but we text a lot. I was impressed by her documentary [Miss Americana] because I saw some self-awareness starting to happen and I saw a lot of vulnerability. I was really excited for her to be able to show that to the world: that things aren’t perfect, they don’t have to be and it’s more beautiful when they aren’t. Even though it was difficult, it was important to make that appearance in the music video because people want people to look up to.

This is sweet of her. Back in 2012, Katy Perry released a documentary herself with Katy Perry: Part of Me. It gave people an inside look at her as an artist and her high-profile divorce to Russell Brand long before she found love with fiancé Orlando Bloom. Although Perry admits she and Taylor Swift aren’t exactly best friends, they do remain in contact and she was really proud of her in Miss Americana.

The feud between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift started when they shared the same few backup dancers on tour. Perry said she allowed some of her dancers to work under Swift while she didn’t have an album cycle going on. However, when it came time for Perry to go on tour again and she asked for her dancers again, they were allegedly fired from Swift’s team. Perry revealed this during her Carpool Karaoke with James Corden in 2017.

When Taylor Swift decided to write “Bad Blood” about her, that’s when things got nasty. Katy Perry wrote “Swish Swish” in response to Swift’s pop hit and made the decision to also enlist celebrity cameos on her basketball-themed music video. Perry even threw shade about Swift during an audition of American Idol after the stars’ had reportedly buried the hatchet.

When “You Need To Calm Down” became another celebrity-infested music video for Taylor Swift, one memorable moment had Katy Perry and Taylor Swift sending a message of love over hate. Katy Perry continued with saying this to Stellar Magazine (via The Daily Telegraph):

We wanted it to be an example of unity. Forgiveness is important. It’s so powerful. If you can forgive your enemy, that’s amazing. As difficult as it is!

Miss Americana became a Netflix hit after initally premiering at this year’s Sundance festival to glowing reviews. Taylor Swift’s feud with Katy Perry isn’t really addressed in the documentary, but she sure goes into detail about how that famed MTV Music Awards moment with Kanye West affected her.

Miss Americana is streaming on Netflix now.

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