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Netflix's Extraction Producer Charged With Sexual Assault And Kidnapping


A Hollywood producer, who has been part of such recent films as Netflix's Extraction as well as the Charlize Theron action movie Atomic Blonde, has surrendered to Santa Barbara County authorities after being charged with 11 different sex crimes from incidents dating back to 2012.

David Guillod's charges stem from three different alleged assaults which took place in 2012, 2014, and 2015. The charges against him include kidnap for rape and three counts of rape of an unconscious person. Guillod's spokesperson told Variety that he denies all the charges against him and looks forward to clearing his name. He's being held on $3 million bail and could face 21 years to life in prison if convicted of all charges. Guillod was expected to post bond but it's unclear if he has been released yet.

Only one of the charges took place in Santa Barbara County, the other two are from Los Angeles but an agreement between the two counties will see all three prosecuted in Santa Barbara.

In 2017, actress Jessica Barth, who co-starred in Seth MacFarlane's Ted movies, accused Guillod of drugging and assaulting her. She took the case to the police at the time, and Guillod ended up resigning from his position as CEO of Primary Wave Entertainment. Barth retweeted the report of Guillod's arrest, posed by the organization Time's Up, but has made no further comment on social media.

Guillod's spokesperson claims the producer has amassed evidence which will contradict the accusations against him and help prove his innocence. This includes an alleged negative DNA test in one of the cases, as well as various text messages, e-mails and witness statements, as well as multiple polygraph tests which Guillod reportedly passed regarding the allegations.

With Guillod claiming his innocence these cases certainly are on their way to trial. With the delays that court systems around the country have seen due to the pandemic, it could be some time before these charges ever actually see the inside of a courtroom. This case is far from over. Anybody with information, or further accusations against Guillod is being encouraged to contact the Santa Barbara County Sherriff's Office, which implies that there's a feeling there could be more potential victims out there. If so, we could see more charges filed before this is over.

David Guillod's arrest in the latest in a string that has gone back the last several years. We've seen many men in positions of power in Hollywood be accused of sexual misconduct to varying degrees. Groups like Time's Up have been founded to draw attention to such ongoing problems in Hollywood in order to bring them to an end. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more information on this case as it develops.

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