Will People Make Hubie Halloween A Holiday Tradition? Adam Sandler Weighs In

Adam Sandler in Hubie Halloween
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We all have our own Halloween night favorites, whether it's a gory slasher like Scream, a fun Tim Burton movie like Beetlejuice or the family-friendly classic Hocus Pocus. But when was the last time you updated your spooky season traditions? This year, there could be a contender with the recent Netflix hit Adam Sandler’s Hubie Halloween.

It’s not an easy task to become a Halloween classic, and it's not something anyone can control but the collective audience. Here’s what Adam Sandler thinks of Hubie Halloween’s chances at becoming a tradition:

We kept saying we wanted to do a Halloween movie. I remember when I was a kid and Charlie Brown did a Halloween special and it was like the greatest thing ever that you had something dedicated to Halloween. So we kind of wanted to make a movie that you know, hopefully, every year they go, ‘Oh yeah, let’s watch Hubie Halloween and get into the spirit.’

In other words, Hubie Halloween was made specifically as an entry into the Halloween classics library. While appearing on The Drew Barrymore Show, Adam Sandler explained that he’s always wanted to make a movie devoted to the holiday with his collaborators that could be enjoyed year after year. He’s obviously biased here, so let's talk about it… does it have the right amount of pumpkin spice to be revisited next year and again years after that?

Hubie Halloween has a lot going for it. First off, it’s packed with big comedy stars that are fun to watch in a Halloween-themed atmosphere. Particularly for Sandman fans, seeing the fun callbacks to his other films is great, including Ben Stiller’s killer cameo. The Netflix movie is also stupid fun, which makes it an easy contender rewatch. It’s well paced and has some memorable moments that have it on my list to revisit next year.

Not unlike Hocus Pocus, Hubie Halloween just oozes Halloween! This makes it the kind of movie that will undoubtedly remind people to turn it back on for years to come just because of the word association game it plays with your head. Whenever you search the word “Halloween” into Netflix, Hubie will always be there too. Just like June Squibb’s hilarious T-shirts… it’s dependable and right there in your face to laugh at.

Time will tell, but Hubie Halloween has potential on its own thanks to the likability of Adam Sandler. The actor is continuing his relationship with Netflix with a star-studded basketball movie currently in production called Hustle. Sandler is also going to be in a drama called Spaceman of Bohemia.

Ok, so what do you think? Is Hubie Halloween going to enter your tradition rotation for pumpkin season? Vote in our poll below and check out what’s coming to Netflix next month with CinemaBlend’s list of upcoming November titles.

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