Ryan Reynolds’ New Ad Has An X-Men Reference, But Fans Just Keep Talking About Taylor Swift And A Scooter

Ryan Reynolds has been a busy little bee during quarantine. He’s managed to film Netflix’s Red Notice, sell his gin company Aviation for a lot of moolah, and even was tangentially involved in Taylor Swift’s Folkore. Now, he’s dropped another fun ad involving Taylor Swift, and it features some references of its own in the form of an X-Men Easter egg and maybe-nod for the Swifties out there. At least, if the fans are right.

If you’ve watched the new ad for Match.com, it’s a helluva lot of fun. No really. In it a demon and an American woman find love in the untimeliest of times: 2020.

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The New Mutants Reference In Ryan Reynolds’ Ad

The previously debuted ad has not slowed down since it hit the interwebs yesterday, as eagle-eyed fans have spotted a few Easter eggs for those who have been following Ryan Reynolds’ career but also Taylor Swift’s. First off, here’s a cool Marvel reference for the X-Men fans out there from The New Mutants. As I said, you need to be eagle-eyed and familiar with the flick to have spotted it on the screen in the movie theater.

X-Men The New Mutants Ryan Reynolds

Why Taylor Swift Fans Can’t Stop Talking About A Scooter In That Match.com Ad

While one faction of Ryan Reynolds’ fanbase is likely amused by this X-Men reference, there is a whole other faction out there that just can’t stop talking about a scooter. So, if you weren’t up on the fact that Ryan Reynolds and his wife Blake Lively are friends with Taylor Swift in real life, now you are clued in to that and the fact Swift even contributed some of her re-recorded music to the new ad, which is a big deal.

Scooter braun reference in Taylor Swift Ad

Speaking of re-recorded music, that brings us to the scooter, which is laying on its side and has been discarded like trash by a dumpster fire. There’s a lot we can take about 2020 in this scene in general, but Taylor Swift fans are also taking the moment as a nod to Swift’s deteriorated relationship with Scooter Braun, which has led her to the point where she is re-recording her masters for all of her major albums.

Plenty of people think this Scooter was left in the shot on purpose, sharing sentiments such as this one online.

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Others have noted the “6” seemingly graffitied on the wall, which could symbolize the number of Taylor Swift’s albums she doesn’t currently own. Given Taylor Swift loves to shoehorn in this sort of Easter egg herself and given that she did lend music to her pal Ryan Reynolds for this video, the nod’s not out of the question.

Regardless, while Taylor Swift did confirm that’s her re-recorded version of “Love Story” in the ad, she didn’t specifically confirm the scooter is all about Scooter Braun. So, it seems this moment may live on in the realm of fun fan theories for a while. What do you think?

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