Anna Kendrick Recalls The Pitch Perfect Moment She Got ‘Stuck’ As Rebel Wilson’s Friend For Life

Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson in Pitch Perfect

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The Pitch Perfect trilogy enjoyed a lot of success in the 2010s. It took over pop culture with hit songs, an a capella craze, internet challenges and much more. But the one thing that stuck around long after the trilogy ended was the bonds formed on the set. Of course, the sisterhood from the films carried over to real life. A prime example of that bond is Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson (aka Beca and Fat Amy). The two co-stars have remained incredibly close since starring in the first Pitch Perfect film. Almost a decade after meeting each other, Kendrick took to social media to celebrate her friendship with her former Pitch Perfect co-star.

The Stowaway star went on Instagram to celebrate her fellow Pitch Perfect actress for their decade of friendship. Anna Kendrick couldn’t help but gush over meeting Rebel Wilson on the set of the musical film. After shouting out her co-star, Kendrick shared some intimate moments between her and Wilson with a surprise throwback. To see the Pitch Perfect co-stars celebrating their friendship, check out Kendrick’s Instagram post below:

Anna Kendrick Instagram post

Sharing the photos gave fans all the feels when it came to the bond between Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson. Being seen as the scrappy outsiders in the first film, their friendship seemed like a foregone conclusion. Kendrick and Wilson seemed to enjoy each other company in the black-and-white photos. The two co-stars captured the same energy as the throwback moment. So the first film laid the bedrock for a decade-long friendship that is still enduring.

After a decade of friendship, Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson have changed over the years. Wilson is no longer “Fat Amy” even suggesting a new name for her beloved character. Kendrick has grown past doing the “Cups” song, even apologizing to other adults for kids replicating the song. So the changes were bound to happen years after the first film came out.

Of course, the throwback picture and Anna Kendrick’s message recalled a pivotal scene in the first Pitch Perfect film. The pool played a pivotal part in the iconic “Riff-Off” scene, where Beca first made her presence known to the Barden University a capella community. Of course, Beca and Fat Amy showed off their skills in the important moment. To see the moment the Barden Bellas posed a threat to The Treblemakers, check out the entire scene below:

Hopefully the love between Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson will translate into them starring in another film or maybe a television series together. It wouldn’t be too far off. as the two stars along with the other Barden Bellas reunited to celebrate meeting on the first film. This might take some time as everyone is busy with their careers right now. If any Pitch Perfect fans want to see Beca, Fat Amy and the Barden Bellas, the first movie is streaming on HBO Max.

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