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Kim Kardashian on Ellen tears

Apparently, Kim Kardashian is ready to bid farewell to (some of) her materialistic ways and reintroduce herself as a humble, self-aware person. The 36-year-old spoke to Ellen DeGeneres about the wholesome lifestyle changes that she has been cultivating since her world was shaken by the terrifying robbery at gunpoint she endured during Paris Fashion Week in October of 2016. It was almost hard to believe the person speaking to DeGeneres was Kim Kardashian, the same woman who made and sold a book of her selfies called Selfish. What the reality-television personality said about her present views might surprise you.

I really feel that things happen in your life to teach you things. I was definitely materialistic before, not that there's anything bad with having things and working hard to get those things. I'm really proud of everyone around me that's successful. But like I'm so happy that my kids get this me, and that this is how I'm raising my kids, because I just don't care about that stuff anymore.

Kim Kardashian made the announcement about her newfound humility on the Ellen show. The reality star spoke about adjusting her views toward her over-the-top lifestyle and vainglorious materialism, and as she spoke, she began to cry what seemed to be genuine tears of gratitude. We love that Mrs. Kanye West mentioned little North West and Saint West getting a chance to grow up with this clearheaded version of mom. Those children are going to have the world at their fingertips, so it is refreshing to hear Kardashian indicate the importance of instilling humility as a virtue in her kids by being a role model. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians celebrity also talked about pragmatic changes, such as her decision not to wear real jewelry for a while. She made it sound like fear is the big thing holding her back, saying,

It's not to say that I'll never wear jewelry again or anything like that. I truly don't know if I'd ever feel comfortable. I truly don't know if I'd ever wear real jewelry again. Just my whole life has changed as far as how I travel and what security [I have].

These changes make complete sense. The robbers who attacked Kim Kardashian in Paris tracked her whereabouts by following the locations in her social media posts, and they specifically targeted her to steal her jewelry. The robbers made off with more than $4 million in jewelry. Now she omits location details in her posts and tries to infuse a family focus into her online presence.

It is great to know Kim Kardashian is finding comfort in this new perspective. Going through a petrifying trauma is often an incentive for change. Here it seems like Kardashian gained an abundance of positive personal growth from the scary experience, so in that way, at least something good (plus the ratings for her reality show) came out of the robbery. We love this (mostly) humble attitude from Kim Kardashian, and we would like to see her expand on it over time. We'd take this version of her any day over the materialistic personality she exhibited for years.

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