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Is North West becoming a drama queen? The other day, the paparazzi spotted the three-year-old daughter of reality television personality Kim Kardashian and rapper Kanye West. She was out in Los Angeles with her famous mom. While celebrity photographers snapped their cameras, little North West snapped back with words: "No pictures!" But did she have a good reason? Check out the video of the young diva telling off the photogs here:

North West and her famous mom stopped for some ice cream at the Museum of Ice Cream in Los Angeles. As the dynamic mother-daughter duo returned to their vehicle, the paparazzi tried to get the perfect family portrait. However, North West seemed uninterested in having people follow her with cameras. She stood firm and shouted, "No pictures!" The photographer apologized but continued filming, and the interaction ended up on Twitter.

Maybe North West is following in her famous father's footsteps? Kanye West has a notorious relationship with the paparazzi. Back in 2008, Kanye West grabbed a paparazzo's camera and shattered it on the ground at Los Angeles International Airport. Police arrested him for supposed vandalism, and Kanye West received 50 hours of community service. Then in 2013, Kanye West found himself in another fracas with a photographer. The musician received two years of probation during which he had to complete 250 hours of community service and 30 hours of anger management courses as a result.

So, North West might have been imitating behavior she has seen. Then again, three-year-old children and temper tantrums do go hand in hand. Plus, the paparazzi can be ruthless about getting people to crack under pressure to snap an outrageous picture. Plenty of adults in Hollywood have a love-hate relationship with the paparazzi, and we often see lawsuits about celebrity's right to privacy. If adults need their personal space, imagine how a toddler must feel.

In fact, many celebrity moms talk about the need for tighter security regarding the paparazzi. Reportedly, after the birth of North West, Kim Kardashian wanted not to expose her daughter to the limelight too soon. But then Kardashian began leaning into the idea of letting her kids interact with the paparazzi. She said the alternative seemed to prohibit her and her daughter from spending time with pals. Then again, that was before the terrifying robbery at gunpoint Kim Kardashian endured at Paris Fashion Week in October 2016. Earlier this year, Kardashian told Ellen DeGeneres about her new extreme value for privacy. It is reasonable to assume Kardashian is no longer keen on the idea of the paparazzi following her children's every move. Maybe North West is picking up on that attitude.

We'll have to see if Keeping Up with the Kardashians addresses the minor scuffle between the three-year-old heiress and the paparazzi. It could certainly fit with the storyline about Kim Kardashian's evolving feelings toward privacy. We'll keep up with this Kardashian story and let you know if anything additional happens.

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