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Arrow's Stephen Amell Blasts Commenter For Rude Anniversary Post

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The Internet is full of people who aren't afraid to voice their opinions. It's also not hard to find people being rude on the web. Sure enough, there are people online who aren't even afraid to take shots at Arrow star Stephen Amell right after he celebrated his 6th wedding anniversary (on Christmas day, no less) with wife Cassandra Jean Amell.

Stephen Amell took a commenter to task, and gave them attitude for their mean-spirited remark. The debacle first occurred on Amell's Instagram, though the drama was saved on Reddit (Arrow's Reddit page, as you probably guessed).

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Youch. That's gotta sting. Just because you have the confidence to call out Mr. Arrow himself doesn't mean that you won't get the same attitude back. Stephen Amell and actress/model Cassandra Jean were first married on December 25, 2012 in the Caribbean -- hence his 6th anniversary post. They also got married a second time in New Orleans on May 26, 2013. Their daughter Mavi was also born in 2013.

Often on social media, people feel encouraged to say what they think and not worry about what consequences might befall them. Turns out, if you call out a person you don't know (even if they're a celebrity) and take them to task, they might feel compelled to give you a mean-spirited comment or two as a retort. One hopes the person who wrote this response to Amell learned their lesson.

Meanwhile, Stephen Amell has also gotten some flack over these past few months when it comes to social media. To be more specific, Amell earned the ire of Beyonce fans when he made an ill-advised joke regarding Queen B's Coachella performance. Evidently, his lighthearted-yet-crudely-received comment got him quite a bit of criticism online. Amell had to learn the lesson that was (hopefully) learned by the commenter above about social media.

With that in mind, it's probably safe to say that the Internet will still be filled with people making all sorts of rude comments. It is, after all, basically human nature. But if you say something ill-considered to Stephen Amell in the near future on his social media, especially if you don't even know the guy, don't be surprised if the television actor comes back and say something unkind to you in return. Just a friendly little warning.

Stephen Amell stars in Arrow Season 7, which just gave fans the "Elseworlds" crossover and will return with more episodes starting on January 21, 2019 on The CW. For more news in film, television, pop culture, video games and a whole lot more, you can be sure to check back in with CinemaBlend. We'll try not to be rude ourselves when it comes to our coverage (though we typically try to be nice in general), lest we get on Stephen Amell's bad side.

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