Adam Devine Talks Giving Sad Modern Family Fans A Reunion With Sarah Hyland For Pitch Perfect's Bumper Series

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Mild spoilers ahead for Peacock’s Bumper in Berlin, so read at your own risk!

Modern Family fans have long been sad about how things played out between Sarah Hyland's Haley Dunphy and Adam Devine's Andy Bailey. However, they're likely rejoicing now following the release of the Pitch Perfect spin-off series, Bumper in Berlin. In it, Devine reprises his fan-favorite role as Bumper Allen, with former on-screen girlfriend Hyland playing a potential love interest for his character. And based on comments made by Devine, he's more than happy with this lovely twist of fate.

Sarah Hyland and Adam Devine’s characters on the ABC show had a rollercoaster of a relationship, and it almost looked like they were going to end up together. But alas, their paths eventually diverged when Andy returned to his hometown to take a job. With that in mind, it's hard not be excited about the two stars reteaming for Bumper in Berlin. Devine spoke to Parade about working with Hyland again and what it means for him to be able to give fans of the long-running sitcom this kind of reunion:

It was so fun. We love working with each other. I think a lot of Modern Family fans were kind of sad at how our characters didn't get together at the end of that series. And so this is like a fun way for them to get a little more of us together. And also show how insanely talented Sarah is with a lot of the music and the dancing and stuff that you might not know that she's as incredible at.

Bumper in Berlin was certainly a nice way to get the two stars who made up “Handy” back together, and one could argue that their interactions on the new show are just as sweet as the ones on Modern Family, if not more so. In addition, viewers have been able to see the two stars show off their vocal talents, as they've sung solo and done duets thus far.

Sarah Hyland joined the musical series earlier this year, and it marked her first regular acting role on TV since Modern Family ended. She's also been hosting Play-Doh Squished since last year and Love Island USA since this past August. Hyland has remained pretty busy since the Emmy-winning sitcom's conclusion, but this latest gig may be the most satisfying for the fans.

The Bumper in Berlin cast includes some pretty talented actors, though one could argue that former Modern Family cast members Adam Devine and Sarah Hyland are the true anchors of the series. As of right now, it's unclear as to whether there will be a second season of the Pitch Perfect offshoot but, given the way Season 1 concluded, there are certainly more stories that can be told, especially when it comes to Bumper and Heidi a.k.a. “Humper.” 

The reunion, aside Bumper in Berlin gives fans a series starring one of Pitch Perfect’s breakout characters and even included some fun Easter eggs. One can only hope that the Adam Devine-led show manages to get renewed for a second season. That way, we'll get more laughs and singing and even more of Devine and his co-star as the already-endearing Bumper and Heidi.

All six episodes of Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin can be streamed now using a Peacock subscription!

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