After Only Murders In The Building Season 2 Premiere, Fans Agree Selena Gomez Is Killing It In All The Ways

Selena Gomez as Mabel in Only Murders in the Building.
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This story is free of spoilers, so no worries if you're not caught up on Season 2 yet!

Our favorite podcasting trio is back, solving a new mystery within the walls of the luxurious Arconia building. Only Murders in the Building Season 1 left fans (and faux true crime enthusiasts everywhere) in the lurch with a big cliffhanger that signaled a lot more trouble for Mabel, Charles, and Oliver. Many Hulu subscribers took to social media to celebrate the return of the murder mystery and Selena Gomez, who made a particular splash in the first two episodes was Miss Mabel Mora.

The former Disney star seemed like a possible mismatch when paired up with the legendary comedic duo of Steve Martin and Martin Short, who have been working together since before Selena Gomez was born. But Gomez complemented the pair, and held her own, acting-wise. When the first two episodes of Only Murders in the Building Season 2 hit Hulu, fans were quick to praise the actress. In fact, less than 24 hours later, some fans were already trying to generate early Emmy buzz:

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Mabel’s past factored heavily into the plot of Season 1, as the murder victim Tim Kono was a member of her old friend group. The way Selena Gomez played a younger version of her character impressed viewers, and she continued to draw praise from her fans after the Season 2 premiere:

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Even the critics noticed Selena Gomez’s strength as she returned to the character. Variety’s Daniel D’Addario says Season 2’s structure particularly suits the “Lose You to Love Me” singer. D’Addario says that of the three lead actors, Gomez gives the most dramatic performance, which isn’t altogether surprising, considering her co-stars. The review says:

As a performer, Gomez has an off-kilter charisma that’s hard to pin down: It can feel as if she’s holding something back from the audience, like a take on the character that she’s unwilling to share. It suits a show whose very point is its characters’ isolation: Gomez’s Mabel Mora is at a remove even from herself. And this season devotes some real estate to further investigating why, with Gomez doing career-best work in a monologue describing Mabel’s puzzlement at her own behavior.

Mary Siroky of Consequence says Mabel has instant chemistry with Cara Delevingne’s Alice. Delevingne joined the cast of Season 2 as a sophisticated art world insider who, like the main trio, becomes obsessed with the events going down in the Arconia. Selena Gomez, however, still shines best when paired with Martin Short and Steve Martin, the critic says:

For anyone who fell in love with Martin, Short, and Gomez’s collective chemistry, the best moments in Season 2 are, as expected, when the three get to riff off each other. Selena Gomez is so charming and sympathetic as Mabel, particularly here in Season 2 as her character has now been branded Bloody Mabel by the ruthless social media world.

Selena Gomez said ahead of Season 2’s release that it’s not just the character who has changed since the first season. She’s gone through changes in her personal life as well, and she felt some of that bled into the character of Mabel. She said Mabel’s more sophisticated now, with better style. Of course, as far as style goes, fans loved Season 1 Mabel’s fashion sense, whether it was her bright orange coat or a smart turtleneck. Fans were already falling in love all over again after the first episodes:

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Season 2 of Only Murders in the Building seems to be off to a strong start! The first two episodes are available now on Hulu, with new episodes coming each Tuesday hereafter. Check out some more things to watch if you also liked Selena Gomez, and be sure to see what other shows are available on Hulu.

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