After The Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist Christmas Movie Gets Emmy Nods, Will Another Film Be Made? Here’s What The Writer Thinks

Jane Levy and Alex Newell in Zoey's Extraordinary Christmas
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Fans of Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist were upset when the musical dramedy was cancelled last year. However, it did return for a proper ending later during that holiday season in the form of a Christmas movie on The Roku Channel. Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas garnered much praise and, of course, many are hopeful that it won't mark the end for Jane Levy’s titular character. More recently, the movie received 2022 Emmy nominations for Outstanding Television Movie and Outstanding Choreography For Scripted Programming, but what's the current status of a follow-up? Well, Austin Winsberg -- who created, wrote and produced the series -- is sharing thoughts.

Following the Emmy nomination announcements, Austin Winsberg spoke to TV Insider and discussed all things Zoey’s. When the question of more films was brought up, the producer shared some cautious optimism. Here's what he said exactly:

[Laughs] We all do! I think we just have to keep putting pressure on Roku. I think there’s a desire for more. It gets complicated now because actors are off doing other projects. I know that Roku was really happy with the movie, and it did well for them. So I think there’s always a possibility, but nothing to announce as of this moment.

Personally, I would love nothing more than another Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist movie. While Extraordinary Christmas did provide some much-needed closure that was certainly appreciated, the door is still open for a number of other storylines. So there are plenty of things that can be done in another movie.

Now that Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas has been nominated for a couple of Emmys, perhaps Roku might be enticed to greenlight a new film. In terms of a potential backdrop for said movie, Austin Winsberg has some ideas, and I need them now:

I’ve been saying this to Colin for months. I’m like, what does it take? Zoey’s Extraordinary Vacation! Zoey’s Extraordinary Halloween! Let’s do it. What are we waiting for?

It might be hard to do a Halloween movie since there aren’t too many iconic songs surrounding the spooky holiday. (Though a rendition of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" could be amazing.) Though it's worth noting that Extraordinary Christmas used more than just holiday-specific music, so the writers and composers could probably make something work. As for Zoey’s Extraordinary Vacation, that could be set during the summertime and feature a plethora of bops that are synonymous with the season.

Ahead of the Christmas movie’s premiere last year, Austin Winsberg was hopeful that Zoey would return once again after her holiday romp. I'm sure the cast would also be game to return should the opportunity present itself. Let's hope that they all get to come back.

It should be pointed out, though, that some Zoey’s stars have been busy with other projects. One such cast member is Skylar Astin, who joined Season 18 of Grey’s Anatomy as the love interest of Camila Luddington’s Jo. And to no one's surprise, the Pitch Perfect star was as charming as ever in the role.

One would think that with two significant Emmy nominations, Roku will at least give some thought to another movie, if not a full new season of the show. We'll just have to wait and see how the execs choose to proceed with Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist. As you wait for news on that front, keep yourself occupied with the many small-screen offerings that can be found on CinemaBlend’s 2022 TV schedule.

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