I Still Don’t Get Kim Kardashian’s Swim Gloves, But Kourtney Kardashian Seems To Be Living Her Best Life In Them

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JLo may have declared it the Summer of Booty this year, but for reality star Kim Kardashian, she apparently wants it to be the Summer of Awkward Tan Lines. I say this because she’s been selling some very pricey “swim gloves” via her SKIMS brand of late. The wild new fashion trend was a hard no for me – and still is – but conversely, Kim’s older sis Kourtney seems to be living her best life in them.

The mother of three tagged SKIMS in an Instagram post this week captioned with “I [love] lake life.” Kourtney Kardashian is seen in it wearing one of the company’s signature black one-piece swimsuits and the swim gloves as well, also in black, while sunning on a boat. See the look in its entirety below:

Now, like I said, I still don’t get the entire purpose of these underwater ballroom accessories – beyond the touted “fashion” of it all. However, one of the Kardashians (other than Kim) actually donning them for themselves is kinda sorta making me rethink things ever so slightly. I mean, after all, when you pair it with a halter one-piece suit, like Kourtney does here, it’s basically just like wearing a rash guard or wet suit – if those items were suddenly missing the bicep section. And if you get a bit of an overcast day, what’s the harm, really, in being a little extravagant with one’s attire?

I don’t know, though. Is it the gloves or does married life just agree with Kourtney Kardashian? The 43-year-old tied the knot with Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker three times over this past year. The last one, a Roman Catholic affair, saw the bride (and many others) wearing long gloves in the more traditional sense then. The couple later had to weather a bad health scare concerning Barker, but all is well and seemingly relaxed now, if these pics are any indication.

The SKIMS swim gloves are seemingly growing on other people, too, besides Kim Kardashian’s relatives (and myself). The entire collection (in seven different shades) has sold out online at the price point of $48 a piece. Kardashian has explained that the reason she made them in the first place was to bridge the "gap between in and out of the water." And the TV personality has followed up expressing her inner designer with an A+ collaboration with Beats by Dr. Dre. (Shocker: there’s an assortment of neutral colors.)

The family’s various billion-dollar business endeavors were documented heavily in the freshman premiere of their new Hulu reality show, The Kardashians. SKIMS, Good American, Poosh, Kylie Cosmetics – the gang was all there. But of course, it was the personal drama that we were all mostly watching for, which included the finale tackling how Tristan Thompson’s paternity scandal affected Khloe Kardashian.

It’s expected to get even wilder in the upcoming second season. We know that Kim Kardashian’s (now ex-)boyfriend Pete Davidson is making some appearances, and it’s rumored that Khloe might address the well-kept secret of conceiving her second child with Tristan Thompson, via surrogacy, amidst the scandal that had come out. We’ll find out for sure, though, when it starts streaming on September 22.

I still probably won't be buying Kim's swim gloves any time soon or, I guess, joining the mile-long waitlist now that they're sold out. But I will be keeping my Hulu subscription to keep with the Kardashians, as always.

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