Kim Kardashian Has Cooked Up Another Wild New Fashion Trend, But It's A Hard No For Me

Kim Kardashian on SNL
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Without question, Kim Kardashian has been making some rather bold (and slightly freaky) fashion choices of late. She was never exactly boring with choices like her revealing/gravity-defying dress and the head-to-toe leather bodysuits and fetish masks, and now she has cooked up another wild new trend via her SKIMS brand, but it’s going to be a hard no for me: swim gloves.

Yes, these are called “swim gloves." The Hulu star is selling these nylon/spandex gloves one can (theoretically) wear at the beach in seven different colors for $48 bucks a pop on SKIMS. Check out the taffy pink ones below, which are eerily reminiscent of Kim Kardashian’s jaw-dropping SNL monologue outfit:

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The function of these underwater ballroom accessories, you might ask? Well, just that, apparently: accessorizing. The description of the item on the site suggests that they will “instantly elevate your swim look.” It also claims that wearers will make a “sexy splash.”

Let’s pause there, because there’s no way that a reverse farmer’s tan can possibly make a “sexy splash.” I mean, at least speaking for myself, that’s what is bound to happen to moi if I wanted to spearhead this new trend at my local pool or beach haunt. And just as an example, it’s not like we’re seeing Kim Kardashian out vacationing with Pete Davidson wearing her product, either, is she? I rest my case.

Alas, though, rule-breaking fashion is what Kim Kardashian is after, and why she even took home the Fashion Icon Award at the 2022 People’s Choice Awards. She’s been pushing the envelope with her own style in recent months, to include layering different designer names and showcasing what can only be described as shoe tights. Some say it’s the 41-year-old’s way of rejecting her old Kanye West influences on her wardrobe after their split, which she even admitted was the case in Season 1 of The Kardashians. But I say that the billionaire elite can keep their swim gloves and shoe tights (along with the awkward summer tan lines they’ll produce).

Yet we have to hand it to the TV personality for her business savvy. At the time of writing, the SKIMS swim gloves are actually sold out in all sizes for four of the choice colors. So obviously, someone (who is not me) is buying what this trend is selling. In addition, Kim Kardashian is making other moves, such as updating the design of her signature bodysuit collection (courtesy of Khloe Kardashian’s complaints) and rebranding her skincare line. (The latter has already been hit with a trademark infringement lawsuit.)

I’ll be keeping an eye out to see when Kim Kardashian wears the swims gloves on Season 2 of The Kardashian – which premieres on September 22 for Hulu subscribers. But until then, thank god for bronzer.

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