Kim Kardashian Reveals Her Prankster Daughter North Tricked A Housekeeper Into Thinking There'd Been A Murder In The House

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West seem to have their hands full with their oldest daughter North West. Whether she’s mocking her mom’s influencer voice or ensuring all the family Christmas cards are “unusable,” the 9-year-old constantly finds ways to troll her family. But it sounds like one her latest pranks almost went a bit too far, as Kardashian revealed that the authorities nearly got involved after a housekeeper thought there’d been a murder in their rental home.

North West has apparently developed a knack for special effects makeup, her mother shared with Allure, saying that she’s gotten really good at using fake blood and creating fake wounds. Her flair for the macabre, however, nearly got The Kardashians star in trouble, when they didn’t get the house cleaned up after one of North’s pranks. Kim Kardashian explained:

North is really into special effects makeup, and she’s really good at it. So I have a teacher come and show her special effects makeup, where it's like wounds and blood and tons of stuff. She's actually so good that I rented a house this summer and she took all of her special effects makeup and she decided not only to prank me and do it on her and Chicago, but she made the whole room look like a murder scene. And I cleaned up the kids, but I was really too tired to clean up the whole room.

Apparently North West had created a whole crime scene in their rental house, with her 4-year-old sister Chicago as her accomplice (and presumed victim). While Kim Kardashian was able to get her daughters cleaned up, she said she planned to take care of the house the next day. However, that morning the reality star had to rush off to school, leaving the housekeeper to be the unintended victim of her daughter’s prank. Kardashian recalled:

The housekeeper came and tried to call the authorities and called the homeowner thinking that it was a full, real murder scene. And I had to let them know it was completely just a prank and my kids were doing special effects makeup. It was bad. I have photos and it's crazy.

That must have been terrifying for the housekeeper! Can you imagine showing up to your job and thinking an actual murder had taken place? North West must really be talented, too, if the scene was realistic enough for the housekeeper to call the homeowner. Thank goodness they didn’t run into Kim Kardashian’s children in full bloody makeup, because that surely would have been traumatizing!

North West has a knack for taking her famous mother down a peg with her hijinks. At Easter when Kim Kardashian was showing her followers the fresh fruits and vegetables she’d grown in her garden, her oldest daughter commented off-screen that they looked “disgusting,” and the Skims founder has also said the 9-year-old throws shade about her “ugly” house anytime she’s upset with her mother.

Fans have enjoyed seeing North West crash Kim Kardashian’s social media posts as well, like the time she stole the show while Kardashian was filming a social distancing PSA in early 2020, or when she called her mom out about her supposed love for Olivia Rodrigo’s hit “Driver’s License.”

It’s pretty hilarious the way the 9-year-old is able to keep her mom humble, and hopefully we’ll continue to hear the stories about North West, and even possibly see some of her pranks when The Kardashians returns to Hulu for Season 2. The first season of the family’s reality show is available for streaming now with a Hulu subscription, and be sure to check out some of the other best shows on Hulu.

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