Kim Kardashian’s Butt Cleavage Dress Hasn’t Sold Out Yet, But I’m Still Amused By All The Great Reactions To It

Kim Kardashian at Milan Fashion Week.
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Just a few days ago, Kim Kardashian's infamous SKIMS brand announced the release of its latest line of Smooth Lounge clothing. The line is striking in that it features a slew of maxi dresses in neutral colors and with slightly differing silhouettes. I say slightly, but there was one dress that really made a mark for sort of being “out there” in its fashion intent, thanks to featuring butt cleavage. 

Yes, that does read butt cleavage. If you’ve been paying attention on the interwebs over the past week or so, you may have seen the viral Instagram post that led to a bunch of clever, or at least punny, comments about cleavage near one’s derriere. But just in case you missed it… 

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Well the Smooth Lounge Low Back Keyhole Dress went on sale on at the tail end (pun intended) of last month, and it turns out that butt cleavage is NOT a huge selling point. In fact, pretty much anyone can get their hands on the dress still as it hasn’t started selling out in any sizes. This is in stark contrast to another low back dress in the Smooth Line, The Low Back Cami Dress (opens in new tab), which has already sold out in xxs-small. In general, the SKIMS line has always featured a variety of cool products, and others to avoid. 

This comes despite the fact that Kim Kardashian’s infamous brand has sold some similarly kitschy items in the past, including this summer’s swim gloves, which led to some hilarious comments from fans like, “Kim K’s new swim gloves, brought to you by the worst tan lines you’ll ever have in your life.” Regardless, the SKIMS swim accessories sold like hotcakes the first time around and have been sold out for months. 

Meanwhile, swim gloves might make for bad tan lines (and super cute Instagram photos), but butt cleavage is apparently only for the daring. Though, despite the fact the dress seems somewhat less popular than some of Kim K's collabs leading to more publicly wearable items, the one good thing about the product hitting the market is that social media has struck again. 

A lot of fans are here with the puns you might expect or correct observations, such as: 

Perhaps the sentiment that makes the most sense even for those who might, say, enjoy some butt cleavage during the warmer summer months is this one from Alexa_Horwath, who noted, “Girl we just want long sleeves, it’s winter.” (Hilariously, SKIMS responded and suggested the Smooth Lounge Crew Neck Long Sleeve Dress (opens in new tab), which comes with zero butt cleavage.)

Intriguingly several commenters did seem excited about the big backside reveal, though the major complaint I’ve seen is that model should have worn the look with a thong. Perhaps even a thong with crystals, as one commenter on Instagram noted: “They should have had the model put on a thong with some crystals in it. It would look a lot better” Several other potential shoppers had similar responses. If you are among them, feel free to nab the look below.



Of course, there were a few naysayers, too, like the person who made certain their pal understood: “Just to confirm this Is not on my wishlist.” 

With the major shopping season coming up, I just guess we’ll have to wait and see whether or not the Smooth Lounge Low Back Keyhole Dress (opens in new tab) enjoys a sold out first season. Despite the eternal coal jokes, those on Santa's naughty list will still be on the receiving end of presents this holiday season, after all. 

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