Loki Season 2 Has Recruited A Game Of Thrones Vet To Join Tom Hiddleston

Kate Dickie sitting on a throne in Game of Thrones.
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The cast of Loki just got even more exciting, as it was just announced that the second season of the hit show will feature Game of Thrones cast member Kate Dickie. Over the last year the cast for Season 2 of Loki has slowly been announced, and with each new person the more exciting it gets. 

In a report from Deadline Dickie’s casting was confirmed, saying she “quietly joined the cast.” Her role is unknown, but the story claims she could be playing a villain. Honestly, I could totally see this, especially considering Dickie’s role as Lysa Arryn on Game of Thrones. I know she is capable of playing someone devious, and she is bound to fit in great with all the other mischievous characters on Loki

For some background on Dickie’s role in GOT, she played Lysa Arryn, a member of House Tully who marries Jon Arryn, one of the leaders who led the rebellion against the Mad King. Her sister is Catelyn Stark, the mother of all Starks you know and love as well as wife of Ned Stark. While Lyssa is not in much of the show, her character is vital. She withheld information from her sister when she found out Ned had been arrested, she forced Tyrion Lannister into a trial by combat, and she refused to send her armies to help the Starks, and that was just in Season 1. 

What takes the cake though, and proves just how terrible Lysa is, is when we find out she killed her own husband and framed the Lannisters to prove her love to Littlefinger. Not to mention, she threatened to kill Sansa as well. As you can see, she wasn’t in many episodes, but she left a lasting impact. 

I could totally see Dickie playing a villainous character on Loki that is conniving in the same way Lysa Arryn was on Game of Thrones

Following the hit HBO show, Dickie went on to act in films like The Northman, Prometheus and The Green Knight. She’s also worked on shows like Peaky Blinders, The Frankenstein Chronicles and Annika

If you’ve been watching the Marvel projects in order you’ll know that Dickie is not the first GOT alum to join the MCU. We got a Stark brothers reunion when Kit Harington and Richard Madden both starred in Eternals, Peter Dinklage made an appearance in Avengers: Infinity War, and Emilia Clarke will be joining the universe in the upcoming show Secret Invasion

While Dickie likely won’t work with any of the GOT colleagues, she is joining a stacked Loki cast. We know that Tom Hiddleston is reprising his role as the title character, and fan favorites have been confirmed to come back like Owen Wilson's Mobius and Sophia Di Martino's Sylvie. Along with the returning cast, Dickie will be joined by other new additions like Everything Everywhere All At Once’s standout Ke Huy Quan, who has made an amazing comeback to acting. 

You can expect to see Dickie and the cast of Loki on the 2023 TV schedule, and you will be able to watch what happens next at the TVA with a Disney+ subscription come next summer. 

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