Murderville Cast: Where You’ve Seen The Actors From The Netflix Murder Mystery Series Before

Will Arnett and Ken Jeong
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There are a lot of movies and shows leaving Netflix in February 2022, but the popular streaming service has found a way to make the major departures sting a little less with some spectacular additions. One of those new series, Murderville, is an improvisational murder mystery show that follows Will Arnett’s Terry Seattle as he and several celebrity guests (playing themselves) solve various crimes and find themselves in one zany situation after another.

But you may be wondering exactly where you’ve seen those celebrity guests as well as the cast of characters created specifically for this show. Well, to save you time and solve the mystery, we’ve come up with a comprehensive list of the Murderville cast and why they look so dang familiar.

Will Arnett in Murderville

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Will Arnett (Detective Terry Seattle)

Taking on the role of Terry Seattle, the homicide detective at the center of Murderville, is Will Arnett, who is no stranger when it comes to offbeat comedies or Netflix shows, having previously appeared on BoJack Horseman and was a fixture of the Arrested Development cast (the revival on Netflix) prior to that.

There’s a good chance you have seen or at least heard Arnett in movies like The LEGO Movie (and The LEGO Batman Movie), Hot Rod, Let’s Go to Prison, Ratatouille, and dozens of others. His TV work includes The Incredibly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret, Riviera, and The Morning Show, to name only a few.

Haneefah Wood in Murderville

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Haneefah Wood (Chief Rhonda Jenkins-Seattle)

Stepping in as Chief Rhonda Jenkins-Seattle on Murderville is Haneefah Wood, who has put together a string of great performances on a number of popular comedy series over the course of the past two decades.

These shows include everything from Baskets to Law and Order: Criminal Intent and Truth Be Told to The League, with others sprinkled in throughout. Wood also took on the role of Blanche Hodel in the 2016 Fox production of Grease Live!.

Lilan Bowden in Murderville

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Lilan Bowden (Medical Examiner Amber Kang)

Taking on the role of Medical Examiner Amber Kang on Murderville is Lilan Bowden, who has made countless one-off guest appearances on some of the most iconic comedy series in recent memory.

Throughout her career, Bowden has appeared on everything from Parks and Recreation to Life in Pieces and Drunk History to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Bowden’s most prominent role to date is probably that of Rebecca “Bex” Mack on the Disney Channel original series Andi Mack, which ran from 2017 to 2019.

Philip Smithey in Meridian

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Philip Smithey (Detective Darren ‘Daz’ Phillips)

Portraying Detective Darren “Daz” Phillips on Murderville is Philip Smithey, who has appeared on a variety of TV shows, movies, and even a popular sports video game franchise throughout his career.

If you played NBA 2K19 then you’ll most certainly find Phillips (or at least his voice) familiar as he provided the motion-capture and voice-work for the “My Player” character in the chart-topping basketball video game. Smithey has also shown up on Switched at Birth, Johnson, Code Black, Grace and Frankie, Grey’s Anatomy, and a whole lot more.

Annie Murphy in Murderville

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Annie Murphy

The rest of the Murderville cast consists of celebrity guests playing themselves in each of the Netflix series’ episodes. Starting off is Annie Murphy, the Primetime Emmy Award-winning actress who received multiple accolades and endless praise for her portrayal of Alexis Rose on the smash hit comedy series Schitt’s Creek.

Upon the conclusion of one of the best shows to binge on Netflix, Murphy became the lead of the Kevin Can F**k Himself cast, the darkly funny AMC comedy series. And it looks like Murphy will be sticking around on Netflix a little longer as she is set to appear on the upcoming second season of Russian Doll.

Conan O'Brien in Murderville

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Conan O'Brien

Longtime late night talk show host, Saturday Night Live writer, and Simpsons scribe Conan O’Brien also appears on an episode of Murderville, as seen in the show’s hilarious teaser trailer along with the other celebrities. O’Brien seems to be busy as ever following the conclusion of his long-running TBS series Conan, especially now with the promising Netflix improv series, which is par for the course for the respected comedian and fixture of late night TV.

Over the years, O’Brien has served as host of Late Night, The Tonight Show, and Conan, but has also appeared on countless TV shows and a long list of movies (mostly as a cameos). This includes 30 Rock, Futurama, Spin City, How I Met Your Mother, and Silicon Valley. And Let’s not forget his seemingly random inclusion in the PlayStation game Death Stranding.

Ken Jeong in Murderville

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Ken Jeong

Doctor-turned-comedian Ken Jeong is one the most recognizable faces on the Murderville cast and perhaps just about any project he has been involved with throughout his career. Whether he’s stealing scenes in The Hangover movies, jumping up with pure joy as a panelist on The Masked Singer, or being part of some of the craziest Community stories, Jeong has done a lot over the years.

Just watch any popular comedy series going back to the early 2000s and you’ll see Jeong in one form or another. This list includes The Office, Curb Your Enthusiasm, MadTV, and even the criminally underrated Grounded for Life, to name just a small portion of his output.

Kumail Nanjiani in Murderville

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Kumail Nanjiani

Kumail Nanjiani, who became an internet sensation when he got absolutely jacked for Eteranls, shows up as himself on Murderville, and helps (or at least tries to help) Will Arnett’s Terry Seattle solve one of the detective’s many homicide investigations.

The star of movies like The Big Sick, Stuber, and The Lovebirds, Nanjiani has become one of the most prominent faces in comedy in the past decade, thanks in part to his unique sense of humor and side-splitting performances on shows like Silicon Valley, Portlandia, and one-off appearances on a variety of other shows.

Marshawn Lynch in Murderville

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Marshawn Lynch

Unlike the rest of the celebrity guests on the Murderville cast, Marshawn Lynch is not a trained actor but instead a Super Bowl champion running back who spent a large portion of his 12-year NFL career with the Seattle Seahawks. 

Despite that, Lynch is one of the most charismatic and electric faces you’ll see on TV, whether it be in various Skittles commercials, appearances on Conan, and those epic interviews he would reluctantly give during his NFL career. But this isn’t to say Lynch hasn’t appeared on TV shows over the years, as he has shown up on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The League, and Westworld.

Sharon Stone in Murderville

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Sharon Stone

Last but certainly not least on the list of the Murderville cast is Golden Globe winner Sharon Stone, who brings with her decades of experience. 

Throughout her career, Stone has given memorable performances in Basic Instinct, Casino, The Quick and the Dead, The Disaster Artist, and dozens of other movies. Her TV work includes The Practice, Ratched, and Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.

Murderville is just one of the new Netflix shows you can enjoy on the popular streaming service. If you want to know what else will be joining the hilarious murder mystery on Netflix and other platforms, check out CinemaBlend's 2022 TV schedule.

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