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Netflix New Releases: Ozark Season 4 Part 2, Love Actually, And Other Movies And TV Shows Streaming April 2022

Jason Bateman and Laura Linney stand, looking worried in the woods, in Ozark.
(Image credit: Netflix)

April 2022 is bringing more than just showers and promises of flowers to the Netflix streaming lineup. Backing in a truck load of new surprises and old favorites, it’s a garden that’s truly going to grow for loyal subscribers. However, as fresh content like The Bubble and the long-awaited second season of Russian Doll arrive, fans also have to say goodbye to some of the best Netflix shows on the platform, with ending series such as Ozark and Grace and Frankie.

Before we go too far, feel free to refresh yourself with Netflix’s March 2022 schedule. March has been and still is a pretty amazing month for new content, and you don’t want to miss out on anything. That being said, April 2022 does have all three of Wesley Snipes' Blade movies, as well as Love Actually on its docket. So from this point on, it’s time to look a little bit into the future, and see what's in store for Netflix subscribers!

The cast of The Bubble running in front of a green screen.

(Image credit: Netflix)

New On Netflix Available April 1: Blade Movies, Judd Apatow's The Bubble, Love Actually, And More

If you were left laughing hysterically by the trailer for Judd Apatow’s The Bubble, then you’ll be able to see the all-star cast that includes Karen Gillan, Pedro Pascal, and Keegan Michael-Key make their way through that very pandemic movie shoot. Though as far as blockbusters are concerned, all three Blade movies are here to keep Marvel fans entertained while waiting to see how the MCU will handle the Daywalker.  

Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood - NETFLIX FILM
Battle: Freestyle - NETFLIX FILM
Celeb Five: Behind the Curtain - NETFLIX COMEDY
Forever Out of My League - NETFLIX FILM
Get Organized with The Home Edit: Season 2 - NETFLIX SERIES
Trivia Quest - NETFLIX SERIES (new episodes daily)
A Cinderella Story
Abby Hatcher: Season 2
Any Given Sunday
Blade II
Blade: Trinity
The Blind Side
Bonnie and Clyde (1967)
Catch and Release
CoComelon: Season 5
Delta Farce
Eagle Eye
Four Brothers
Full Metal Jacket
Grown Ups
Heartland Season 14
How to Train Your Dragon
Love Actually
Molly's Game
New York Minute
The Nut Job
Polly Pocket: Season 4: Part 1: Summer of Fun
Puss in Boots
The Rental
The Ring
Rumor Has It…
Saving Private Ryan
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
Shrek Forever After
Something's Gotta Give
We The Animals

Bob Odenkirk is Saul Goodman on Better Call Saul.

(Image credit: AMC)

New On Netflix The Week Of April 3: Better Call Saul Season 5, Metal Lords, And More

While we only know some of the details for Better Call Saul Season 6, there’s now an opportunity for fans of Bob Odenkirk’s Breaking Bad spinoff to relive the penultimate season in all its glory. If youthful rebellion is a little more your speed, then you should check out the movie Metal Lords, where high school misfits (including Knives Out and IT's Jaeden Martell) band together to rock out.

Better Call Saul: Season 5 - 4/4/22
Ronny Chieng: Speakeasy - NETFLIX COMEDY - 4/5/22
Furioza - NETFLIX FILM - 4/6/22
Green Mothers' Club - NETFLIX SERIES - 4/6/22
Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story - NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY - 4/6/22
Michela Giraud: the Truth, I Swear! - NETFLIX COMEDY - 4/6/22
The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On - NETFLIX SERIES (new episodes weekly) - 4/6/22
Queen of the South: Season 5 - 4/7/22
Return to Space - NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY - 4/7/22
Senzo: Murder of a Soccer Star - NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY - 4/7/22
Barbie It Takes Two: Season 1 - 4/8/22
Dancing on Glass - NETFLIX FILM - 4/8/22
Dirty Lines - NETFLIX SERIES - 4/8/22
Elite: Season 5 - NETFLIX SERIES - 4/8/22
Green Eggs and Ham: Season 2 - NETFLIX FAMILY - 4/8/22
Metal Lords - NETFLIX FILM - 4/8/22
Tiger & Bunny 2 - NETFLIX ANIME - 4/8/22
Yaksha: Ruthless Operations - NETFLIX FILM - 4/8/22
My Liberation Notes - NETFLIX SERIES - 4/9/22
Our Blues - NETFLIX SERIES - 4/9/22

Jake Gyllenhaal smiling and pointing in the office in Nightcrawler.

(Image credit: Bold Films)

New On Netflix The Week Of April 10: Nightcrawler, Our Great National Parks, And More

Jake Gyllenhaal’s compelling and crazy performance in Nightcrawler will be available for any Netflix loyalists who want to dive into the deep end of L.A.’s seedy underbelly. Should you want something more scenic, the new series Our Great National Parks is also debuting, with narration from President Barack Obama set to accompany the lovely natural splendor on display.

The Call - 4/10/22
Nightcrawler - 4/10/22
Hard Cell - NETFLIX SERIES - 4/12/22
The Creature Cases - NETFLIX FAMILY - 4/12/22
Almost Happy: Season 2 - NETFLIX SERIES - 4/13/22
Our Great National Parks - NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY - 4/13/22
Smother-in-Law - NETFLIX SERIES - 4/13/22
Today We Fix the World - NETFLIX FILM - 4/13/22
Ultraman: Season 2 - NETFLIX ANIME - 4/14/22
Anatomy of a Scandal - NETFLIX SERIES - 4/15/22
Choose or Die - NETFLIX FILM - 4/15/22
Heirs to the Land - NETFLIX SERIES - 4/15/22
Mai - NETFLIX SERIES - 4/15/22
One Piece Film Z - 4/15/22
Strawberry Shortcake Berry in the Big City: Season 1 - 4/15/22
LEGO Friends: Girls on a Mission: Seasons 1-4 - 4/16/22
Man of God - NETFLIX FILM - 4/16/22
Ouija: Origin of Evil - 4/16/22
Van Helsing: Season 5 - 4/16/22

Natasha Lyonne and Ákos Orosz talking in church in Russian Doll.

(Image credit: Netflix)

New On Netflix The Week Of April 17: Pacific Rim: The Black Season 2, Russian Doll Season 2, And More

Two is a lucky number this week, as a pair of second seasons strike it big for streaming. Pacific Rim: The Black is returning for one final round of battle in the world of that beloved franchise, while Natasha Lyonne is also returning (sans Kaiju) with the latest season of Russian Doll, which hopefully won't be its last.

Battle Kitty - NETFLIX FAMILY - 4/19/22
Pacific Rim: The Black: Season 2 - NETFLIX ANIME - 4/19/22
White Hot: The Rise & Fall of Abercrombie & Fitch - NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY - 4/19/22
The Marked Heart - NETFLIX SERIES - 4/20/22
Russian Doll: Season 2 - NETFLIX SERIES - 4/20/22
The Turning Point - NETFLIX FILM - 4/20/22
Yakamoz S-245 - NETFLIX SERIES - 4/20/22
All About Gila - NETFLIX COMEDY - 4/21/22
He's Expecting - NETFLIX SERIES - 4/21/22
Along for the Ride - NETFLIX FILM - 4/22/22
Heartstopper - NETFLIX SERIES - 4/22/22
Selling Sunset: Season 5 - NETFLIX SERIES - 4/22/22
The Seven Lives of Lea - NETFLIX SERIES - 4/22/22

Julia Garner stands in front of a table stacked with packages in Ozark.

(Image credit: Netflix)

New On Netflix The Week Of April 24: Ozark Season 4 Part 2, Grace And Frankie's Final Season, And More

Leave it to Netflix to save the goodbyes for the end of the month. April will see not only the Jason Bateman/Laura Linney crime thriller Ozark’s conclusion, but we’ll also see the final bow of Grace and Frankie’s seventh and final season. Gather your tissues, you might just find yourself crying by time both these shows call it curtains.

Big Eyes - 4/25/22
David Spade: Nothing Personal - NETFLIX COMEDY - 4/26/22
Bullsh*t The Game Show - NETFLIX SERIES - 4/27/22
The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The Unheard Tapes - NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY - 4/27/22
Silverton Siege - NETFLIX FILM - 4/27/22
Samurai Rabbit: The Usagi Chronicles - NETFLIX FAMILY - 4/28/22
Bubble - NETFLIX ANIME - 4/28/22
Grace and Frankie: Season 7 - The Final Episodes - NETFLIX SERIES - 4/29/22
Honeymoon with My Mother - NETFLIX FILM - 4/29/22
Ozark: Season 4 Part 2 - NETFLIX SERIES - 4/29/22
Rumspringa - NETFLIX FILM - 4/29/22
YOUTH v GOV - 4/29/22

Netflix logo

(Image credit: Netflix)

New On Netflix TBD April 2022

Here are the stragglers for the April 2022 Netflix schedule, which are awaiting specific debut dates on the calendar.

The Taming of The Shrew - NETFLIX FILM

Netflix (opens in new tab) subscribers have a lot to look forward to in the month to come. We didn't even go over everything above, as classics like Saving Private Ryan and hot new originals like The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On are also in play. Don't forget to check the schedule frequently, as all titles are subject to changes in availability. 

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