No, Travis Barker And Kourtney Kardashian Aren’t Splitting Up. Why The Drummer Keeps Being Seen Without His Wedding Ring

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox’s fans have been in such a tizzy since the actress’ cryptic Instagram post and purge raised questions about a possible cheating scandal and breakup. So much so that the concern has spilled over to fellow macabre couple Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian. The drummer’s followers noticed that he wasn’t wearing his wedding band in recent social media posts, and coupled with a contextless tweet, it was enough to elicit a few questions. But fear not, Kravis stans! There’s a reason for Barker’s bare digit, and it’s got nothing to do with his wife of nearly a year.

It turns out the Blink 182 drummer was going pretty hard at rehearsals ahead of the band’s world tour, which is scheduled to kick off in Tijuana less than a month from now, and he apparently smashed his finger so hard that it dislocated. Travis Barker’s bandaged fingers can be seen in Instagram photos that feature some puppy snuggles as he gets some work done on his tattoos. You can check out the post below: 

The “Just the two of us” caption aside, photos of a man and his dog might be enough to spark minor breakup concerns, if not taken in the right context, especially coupled with his tweet last week that read simply, “Fuck.” It was the next day before Travis Barker expanded on that sentiment, tweeting the following update to his fans: 

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That fully explains not just the lack of a wedding ring on the drummer’s finger but also the tape, which was a clear indicator on its own that he’d sustained an injury. To that end, this clarification might be even more worrisome to Blink-182 fans who are looking forward to seeing the reunited band in concert. There’s been no word yet on if or how the dislocated finger and torn ligaments affect Travis Barker’s plans.

When it comes to his wife Kourtney Kardashian, even some who weren’t a fan of the reality TV family had reason to thank Travis Barker’s wife. The drummer has credited Kardashian with helping him overcome his fear of flying — which would have likely made the Blink-182 world tour impossible to do otherwise.

In 2008, Travis Barker was among several aboard a private jet that crashed mid-take-off in South Carolina. The flight was set to take Barker, Adam “DJ AM” Goldstein and their entourage to Van Nuys, California. Of the six people on board, only Barker and Goldstein survived, though Goldstein tragically died of an overdose a year later. The accident left Barker with third-degree burns on most of his body, and he would require numerous surgeries and blood transfusions.

When his friendship with Kourtney Kardashian became romantic, she said she wanted to travel the world with him, and they made a deal that he would fly again.

With Blink-182 scheduled to be on tour for the better part of 2023, it’s unknown if that will affect Travis Barker’s presence on The Kardashians — or Kourtney’s, for that matter, as the two seem to be attached at the tongue. But as we wait for Season 3 to hit the 2023 TV schedule, you can catch up on the first two seasons with your Hulu subscription, and rest assured that Kravis is still happily together. 

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