Sylvester Stallone Is Getting Into Reality TV With His Family After Reuniting With His Wife

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After spending the majority of his entertainment career heading up feature films on the big screen, Rocky and Rambo vet Sylvester Stallone made the surprising transition to streaming TV via Taylor Sheridan’s Tulsa King. The crime drama aired its hectic Season 1 finale in January, with a second season on the way, and the possibility of spinoffs down the line. And while there’s been talk about this possibly being one of his final acting roles, he’s now lined up a new reality series that’ll focus on his family, and that includes wife Jennifer Flavin Stallone.

As fans are probably aware, the couple went through much drama in 2022, and seemed destined for divorce, reportedly over financial drama and the actor’s dog. Thankfully, though, the pair reunited after a bit of time apart, and appear to have completely reconciled their differences. Otherwise, teaming up for a new reality show that hinges on behind-the-scenes family life might have been more than a little uncomfortable from top to bottom. 

What Is Sylvester Stallone’s New Reality Show?

Those with Paramount+ subscriptions can look forward to the impending debut of The Family Stallone, which sounds like a riff on the Diane Keaton-led holiday drama The Family Stone. But I’m guessing there will be far less nerve-grating passive-aggressiveness involved in the streaming series. Also hoping for that.

While The Family Stallone doesn’t yet have a premiere date locked in, Paramount+ did reveal that it will debut exclusively in the U.S. and Canada this spring before later spreading out to markets in other countries. As well, the new show is set for an eight-episode first season, presumably with hour-long runtimes, though that wasn’t specified. 

Here’s how the show was described in its official logline, which plays very heavily on Stallone’s dad vibes:

  • After playing some of the most legendary characters in cinematic history, three-time Academy Award nominee Sylvester Stallone is ready to give cameras access to what he would consider the greatest role of his lifetime: dad. This new series starring Stallone’s three daughters, wife and himself offers a seat at the table of one of Hollywood’s most famous families.

Paramount+'s announcement also offered mini-breakdowns for each of the family members that touches upon their backgrounds and personalities. Not that anyone needs further descriptions for Stallone himself, but it's noted that the show will indeed focus on him as a father as opposed to an internationally beloved star, as he works to help his three daughters recognize and achieve their ambitious.

Jennifer Flavin Stallone is noted for being the co-owner of the wellness brand Serious Skin Care, and for being a whipsmart businesswoman. The two older daughters, Sophia and Sistine Stallone, currently co-host the podcast Unwaxed, but while the former has zero interest in an entertainment-based career, the latter is an actress, model and filmmaker setting up her very first feature. Meanwhile, youngest daughter Scarlet Stallone has already appearead on Tulsa King alongside her pops, and has been acting since she was a child, though is now set to move into an apartment for the first time while attending college.

No trailers have released yet for The Family Stallone, but the titular clan do pop up in Paramount+'s newest crossover ad, which is set to air during Super Bowl LVII. Check it out below!

While waiting to hear when The Family Stallone will premiere on Paramount+, be sure to catch up on Tulsa King, and head to our 2023 TV premiere schedule to see what other shows will be taking over primetime and beyond soon.

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