Ted Lasso Star Hannah Waddingham Has An A+ Response To Being Called A ‘Sex Symbol’

Just last weekend Hannah Waddingham appeared in Hocus Pocus 2 as part of the iconic cast, in a gorgeous yet wicked outfit, and she looked amazing. Also, for the last two years, she has played Rebecca Welton on Ted Lasso, and she looks super “fit,” as Keeley describes her, and is an absolute boss. Many love Waddingham and now she has been called a “sex symbol,” and she had an A+ response to learning this news. 

In a recent interview with InStyle Waddingham was asked about the physical demands of being a musical theater veteran and being on Ted Lasso. She referenced the stamina and agility needed to keep up with Jason Sudeikis, who used to work on the fast-paced Saturday Night Live. She also talked about her history in musical theater, and how she has had to stay in great shape to keep up within that industry. The interviewer then wrote that Waddingham is “one of Apple TV+’s most beloved sex symbols,” to which the actress said: 

I truly don’t think I’m a sex symbol. Actually, I think I’m a bit of a dick.

Maybe in Season 1 of Ted Lasso Rebecca was a little “bit of a dick,” but both the character in Season 2 and Waddingham in real life seem like rays of sunshine. For example, when Waddingham was one of the 2021 Emmy winners she was so excited and sweet during her speech, it made me want to be her best friend. Not to mention she looked gorgeous. 

Waddingham then laid out her thoughts of being called a sex symbol and they’re hilarious, she said: 

You think I’m — I’m sorry, did you just say you think I’m a sex symbol?! Are you really putting me in that camp? Okay, yes, I guess I’ll take it ... But I’ve never thought of myself as any of the nice things you’ve said, because my body has always been my tool! I’ve just had to keep it up because musical theater is so grueling, you know? So if you think I’m sexy, honestly, that’s just a happy accident.

Oh, Hannah, I don’t think this is a happy accident. Both Rebecca and Waddingham are gorgeous people inside and out. Also, if you just look at the plot of Season 2, obviously some characters found Rebecca sexy (I’m looking at you Sam Obisanya). I’m curious to see how their romance evolves in Season 3. 

Even though Season 3 of Ted Lasso isn’t on the 2022 TV schedule, it’s still popular and talked about. The show has faced delays with filming, and Waddingham explained that they started filming last February. She has also spoken about it possibly being the last season, and she noted that this upcoming installment is beautiful. 

While we will have to wait a while to see Season 3 of the popular Apple TV+ show, you can still check out the gorgeous Waddingham, and her equally beautiful castmates in Seasons 1 and 2 of Ted Lasso with an Apple TV+ subscription

Riley Utley
Weekend Editor

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