Brendan Fraser Celebrated His Birthday On Batgirl’s Set, And There’s Photos

Brendan Fraser In Line Of Descent
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Hollywood has been experiencing a renaissance of top stars from the 1990s and 2000s in recent years. While people have been hopping on the Keanu Reeves and Timothy Olyphant train lately, another actor experiencing a Hollywood rebirth is Brendan Fraser. That Fraser train has been moving full steam ahead as seen by his Firefly role in the upcoming DC film Batgirl. All that goodwill appeared to filter over to the film set as the cast and crew decided to celebrate the actor's birthday. And, of course, there are some celebratory photos.

The sweet moment was documented on Instagram by Batgirl director Adil El Arbi. The superhero movie recently started filming before Fraser joined the set. The entire cast and crew gathered to give Brendan Fraser the 53rd birthday he deserved. The heartfelt celebration was even more touching as it was Fraser’s first day on set. To see how the cast and crew surprised the Doom Patrol star, check out Arbi’s full post below:

That’s the perfect way to kick off Firefly’s introduction to the DCEU. It was nice to see Brendan Fraser be genuinely surprised by the on-set celebration. As usual, Fraser seemed taken aback by people’s resounding affection for him. Of course, the actor was embarrassed by all the adulation and hilariously responded to the love by shouting at everyone to get back to work. Hopefully, that signals a fulfilling experience for the No Sudden Moves star as the production continues.

The birthday celebration is just the latest highlight in Brendan Fraser’s Hollywood comeback. The Brenaissance has everyone rooting for him to win as he continued to impact fans’ lives. Joining Batgirl as Firefly caused many fans to rejoice and proclaimed him the perfect choice. Fraser’s acting range could work to pull the character’s complex DC history together in his first big-screen appearance. Based on first impressions, playing a DC villain may complete his well-deserved Hollywood return.

In addition to Brendan Fraser, the Batgirl cast signaled the film will be a must-see for DC fans. Production has already teased In the Heights star Leslie Grace as Barbara Gordon in her costume. Along with Grace and Fraser, Bad Boys for Life star Jacob Scipio joined the superhero film in an undisclosed role. Once his role is known, it will ground the movie more in the DC mythos. So, the movie is helping to bring more big-screen DCEU fare like Blue Beetle and Black Canary to the masses.

The Batgirl role marked another great moment in the Brenaissance as Brendan Fraser continues to book more roles. The actor’s debut as Firefly will happen when Batgirl arrives on HBO Max in 2022. Of course, if you need more Fraser in your life, you can stream Doom Patrol on HBO Max.

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