Ezra Miller’s The Flash: An Updated Cast List

Ezra Miller and Sasha Calle in "The Flash" (2023)
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With Grant Gustin’s version of Barry Allen, a.k.a. The Flash, having just concluded his run as the famous DC Comics character on The CW, it is now Ezra Miller’s time to shine in the DC Extended Universe. Following cameos in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, Miller’s Flash made his full debut in Justice League (whichever cut you prefer), and now the time has come for the Scarlet Speedster to grab the cinematic spotlight for himself. By the time The Flash is released, it will have been over five and a half decades since Barry Allen first appeared in the comics, and over 80 years since the first Flash, Jay Garrick, hit the scene.

Influenced by the Flashpoint storyline, The Flash follows Barry Allen using time travel to try and prevent his mother’s murder, which consequently causes all sorts of multiversal problems, bringing back some of most iconic heroes and villains in the process. Here are those familiar, and new faces, that make up The Flash cast.

Ezra Miller in The Flash

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Ezra Miller (Barry Allen/The Flash)

The first time we saw Ezra Miller as The Flash was actually a future version of the character, who delivered a cryptic warning to Bruce Wayne after seeing the Knightmare. Not too long after in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Bruce saw security footage of the present-day Barry using his super speed to thwart a convenience store robbery. The character has shown up multiple times since then, including a major role in both versions of Justice League. This time around, Barry is sporting a new suit and will meet an alternate version of himself, also played by Miller. 

Throughout their career, Miller has appeared in massive film franchises like the Fantastic Beasts movies, shows like The Stand and Royal Pains, and a list of smaller movies that includes the likes of The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Ben Affleck in The Flash

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Ben Affleck (Bruce Wayne/Batman)

Though he dropped out of The Batman as the movie’s director and seemingly put an end to his time as Bruce Wayne, Ben Affleck is back as one of two Bats in The Flash cast. This will be the fourth time (fifth if you count Zack Snyder’s Justice League) the Academy Award winner has donned the cape and cowl in a DC movie.

Affleck’s return as Batman is the latest in a series of recent film projects for the actor/writer/director/producer, as it comes off the release of the Air Jordan biographical drama, Air, and the sci-fi thriller Hypnotic. All of this adds more to Affleck’s decades-long career that includes multiple Oscars (Good Will Hunting, Argo), and dozens of other great accomplishments.  

Michael Keaton's Batman piloting Batplane in The Flash movie

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Michael Keaton (Bruce Wayne/Batman) 

Our first indication that The Flash would be a wilder ride than expected was the reveal that Michael Keaton, star of 1989’s Batman and 1992’s Batman Returns, would reprise his version of Gotham City’s shadowy protector. Keaton dropped out of appearing in what would become Batman Forever because he didn’t care for the script, leading to Val Kilmer taking over the role. So naturally it was assumed we’d never see his Batman again, but as a result of the changes in reality unfolding in The Flash, Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen will cross paths with Keaton’s Caped Crusader.

Since last suiting up as Batman more than 30 years ago, Keaton has found a great deal of success in movies like Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance), Spotlight, and a return to the comic book movie genre with an unforgettable portrayal of Adrian Toomes, aka, Vulture, in Sony’s Spider-Man movies. And Batman isn’t the only iconic character Keaton will be revisiting, as he is set to reprise his titular role in Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice 2

Kiersey Clemons as Iris West in Zack Snyder's Justice League

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Kiersey Clemons (Iris West)

Kiersey Clemons’ Iris West was one of the many characters whose scenes were reinserted for Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Barry Allen used his super speed to save the Picture News reporter from a traffic accident, but he quickly raced away before she could say anything to him. 

Clemons’ return to the world of DC Comics is the latest in a series of notable roles for the young actress, as she has popped up on shows like Angie Tribeca, Easy, Transparent, and Fairfax in recent years. All of this is on top of movies like Am I OK?, Antebellum, and most recently, Somebody I Used To Know

Sasha Calle as Supergirl in The Flash

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Sasha Calle (Kara Zor-El/Supergirl)

Along with Michael Keaton’s Batman, the only other superhero from another reality who’s confirmed for The Flash is Supergirl, who is played by The Young and the Restless actress Sasha Calle. Having a similar costume and superpowers as Henry Cavill’s Superman, Supergirl will prove to be a major ally for Barry Allen’s Flash, one that could turn the tide.

Though we don’t yet know if this will be the start of something new for Calle’s Supergirl, the actress did tell Entertainment Weekly in June 2023 that she’d be down to return for the new Supergirl movie.

Maribel Verdú in The Flash

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Maribel Verdú (Nora Allen) 

For decades, Nora Allen was a minor character within the Flash mythology, but that changed in 2008’s The Flash: Rebirth, when it was revealed that Eobard Thawne, a.k.a. Reverse-Flash/Professor Zoom, traveled back in time and murdered Nora when Barry Allen was a boy as revenge for his arch-nemesis having thwarted him on so many occasions. Adding insult to injury, Eobard framed Barry’s father Henry for the murder (more on him in a bit). As laid out in Justice League, Barry’s mother is also dead in DCEU continuity, with Pan’s Labyrinth actress Maribel Verdú appearing as Nora in The Flash

Throughout her career, the actress has also appeared in movies like Y tu mamá también, The Blind Sunflowers, and Raymond & Ray.

Ron Livingston in The Flash

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Ron Livingston (Henry Allen)

We spent a little bit of time with Henry Allen in Justice League, where he was played by Billy Crudup, who previously worked with Zack Snyder on Watchmen. Variety reported that because of scheduling conflicts with The Morning Show, Crudup was unable to return for The Flash, so now Office Space actor Ron Livingston plays Henry instead. Like in Justice League, most of Livingston’s scenes as Henry will likely be from prison as he was wrongfully convicted in the murder of Nora Allen.In addition to the aforementioned Office Space, Livingston has spent his career giving great performances in movies like The Conjuring, The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then the Bigfoot, and the landmark HBO military drama miniseries, Band of Brothers, which netted him a Golden Globe nomination in 2002. 

Michael Shannon as Zod in The Flash

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Michael Shannon (Zod) 

Though General Zod died in the final act of 2013’s Man of Steel, Michael Shannon’s character, is back in action for The Flash. Much like the previous version of the character, Zod arrives on Earth to terraform the planet into a new Krypton, but this time he’s met by two different incarnations of Barry Allen, Batman, and Supergirl, who try to put an end to his plan.

One of the most talented actors to have never won an Oscar, Shannon has put on tremendous performances in movies like Revolutionary Road, Nocturnal Animals, and The Shape of Water over the years. He’s even found a lot of success on the small screen as well with turns on Boardwalk Empire and Waco.

Antje Traue in Man of Steel

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Antje Traue (Faora-Ul) 

Zod isn’t the only Kryptonian returning for The Flash, as the general’s right-hand enforcer, Faora-Ul is back in the mix, again portrayed by Antje Traue.

Since his character was  sent to the Phantom Zone in the 2013 DC movie, Traue has appeared in Seventh Son,  Woman in Gold, Ballon, and varios TV shows like Dark and Tatort, to name only a few. 

Saoirse-Monica Jackson in Derry Girls

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Saoirse-Monica Jackson (Patty Spivot)

Saoirse-Monica Jackson, who is best known to people in the UK for playing Erin Quinn on the must-watch British sitcom Derry Girls, shows up in the new DC Comics movie as Patty Spivot, one of Barry’s co-workers in the forensics lab.

No doubt The Flash will introduce her to a lot of American moviegoers, who’ll maybe check out her work in movies like Finding You, as well as shows like Murder in the Badlands and The Five

Rudy Mancuso in comedy sketch

(Image credit: Rudy Mancuso's YouTube channel)

Rudy Mancuso (Albert Desmond) 

Rudy Mancuso appears in The Flash as Albert Desmond, another one of Barry Allen’s co-workers.

Mancuso doesn’t have a lot of film and TV credits on his resume, but if you frequent YouTube, you might have come across his work. In addition to voicing many characters in the Awkward Puppets videos and various other comedic endeavors, Mancuso is also an accomplished musician. 

Luke Brandon Field in Jojo Rabbit

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Luke Brandon Field

Finally, we have Luke Brandon Field, who appeared as Christoph in Jojo Rabbit. Field revealed his involvement in The Flash on Instagram back in September 2021, but didn’t share any details about who he’s playing. So he could be anyone from someone in Barry’s social circle to a coworker at the CCPD. We shall see.

Following years of delays and setbacks, The Flash is set to race into theaters on June 16th. While we wait for Andy Muschietti’s long-awaited superhero movie, check out our guide to the other upcoming DC Comics titles as well as our 2023 movie schedule for everything else coming your way this year.  

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