Hugh Jackman Was Asked To Describe Ryan Reynolds, The Video Is As Hilarious As You’d Think

From left to right: Ryan Reynolds smiling and Hugh Jackman throwing a hang loose sign in the Deadpool 3 announcement video.
(Image credit: Ryan Reynolds YouTube video)

The storied faux feud between Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds continues. While the two have been poking fun at each other consistently over the years, the shenanigans have gone up tenfold since the announcement that Jackman would return as Wolverine in Deadpool 3. Now, the Logan actor is out promoting The Son, his new movie on the 2022 film schedule, and has had yet another hilarious answer to a question about the Deadpool star. 

Jackman was being interviewed for Variety, and the interviewer asked him to answer the question: “Ryan Reynolds is...?” To which the actor responded with a hilarious and on-brand answer, check it out: 

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It’s so funny to see the two get so riled up over one another. To see Jackman get all tongue twisted while trying to say Ryan Reynolds is hilarious, and the light shade that he manages to throw at his co-star makes it even better.

The shenanigans don’t start or end there. The duo met on 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and the snark between them feels like it has amped up every year. Just a few days ago Jackman wished Reynolds a happy birthday with a snarky Wolverine quote. He also threw shade at the merc with the mouth joking that he prefers to call Deadpool 3, Wolverine 10

All jokes aside, the two really are friends. In a story about Jackman for Variety, Reynolds complimented Jackman in a sincere way. He even said his pal is “one of the most quality human beings” he’s met. He also referred to the Wolverine actor as one of his “closest friends.” 

Between their genuine friendship and their history of tomfoolery at each other's expense on social media, it makes me so excited to see what they do in Deadpool 3. From the news that has come out, it seems like both Jackman and Reynolds are also extremely excited about the movie, even though it took a bit to convince Jackman to come back as Wolverine.

Aside from these two there really is a lot to be excited about when it comes to their long-awaited reunion in Deadpool 3. Just to name a few: the film will officially be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as part of Phase 6. Meaning the opportunity for this movie, and the future of the character is much more expansive than it used to be. Also, Reynolds’ pal and collaborator Shawn Levy has been hired to direct the film. 

Levy has a history with both Reynolds and Jackman. He worked with the Deadpool star on Free Guy and The Adam Project, while he collaborated with the Wolverine star on the 2011 flick Real Steel. They also all seem like genuinely goofy and nice people, so I’d imagine the set will be a fun one, and we’ll get lots of fantastic stories about the making of the film. 

While we have to wait quite a while to see Deadpool 3, the shenanigans between Reynolds and Jackman never really stop. From pranks to mispronunciations, there is always something going on between the two of them that will give you a good laugh. 

Riley Utley
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