Ms. Marvel Cast: Where You've Seen The Actors Before

Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan in the Ms. Marvel trailer
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We live in a world that is constantly giving us some awesome superhero shows, from the latest season of The Boys to the next season of Invincible, and now, Disney+ has added another new superhero show for all of us to enjoy in the Marvel Cinematic Universe - Ms. Marvel, as part of the 2022 TV premiere schedule

The latest Marvel TV show introduces Ms. Marvel, otherwise known as Kamala Khan, another teenage superhero that has some amazing powers that will truly marvel you, pun intended. But with such a diverse cast, you might be wondering where you might have seen the Ms. Marvel cast before. Look no further, as this list is going to go over where you’ve seen each of these talented actors before. 

Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan on Ms. Marvel.

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Iman Vellani (Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel)

First off on this list, we have none other than Ms. Marvel herself from Ms. Marvel, Iman Vellani, who was cast to play the titular character in 2020. Her character, Kamala Khan, is already set to appear in the upcoming Marvel film, The Marvels, so it’s no surprise that we have been given her series to properly get to know the character before she shows up alongside Brie Larson and Teyonah Parris. 

Iman Vellani is a relative newcomer to Hollywood. While she has done some shorts before, Ms. Marvel is going to be her first major role within the industry - with her next big role being the MCU movie previously mentioned. But I’m sure the future is bright for this young actress, and the potential her character has to bring to the MCU. 

Saagar Shaikh in the trailer for Ms. Marvel.

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Saagar Shaikh (Aamir Khan)

Every superhero has a family, and Aamir Khan is just one of a few of them that Kamala turns to in Ms. Marvel. Playing Aamir Khan is Saagar Shaikh.

While he’s been in many short films, he’s also been active in the television industry. He played several roles in the series, Just Giggle It, as well as portrayed Haaris Shaikh in the series Unfair & Ugly. He also guest-starred on shows like Average Joe, as well as the YouTube Red series, Liza on Demand. 

Zenobia Shroff in the trailer for Ms. Marvel.

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Zenobia Shroff (Muneeba Khan)

Behind every strong teenager is a strong mother, and that’s where Muneeba Khan comes into play in Ms. Marvel. Zenobia Shroff portrays Kamala Khan’s mother, Muneeba, and has been active in both movies and television. Some of her biggest roles within the movie industry was having a role in movies such as Percy, Little Zizour, The Big Sick, and the amazing Pixar film, Soul. 

She’s also had a career within television as well, with a recurring guest role in The Resident, where she played Himaya Pravesh, as well as recurring role on The Affair, where she played Priya Ullah. It’ll be exciting to see her come back to television again with the Ms. Marvel series. 

Mohan Kapur in the trailer for Ms. Marvel.

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Mohan Kapur (Yusuf Khan)

Next, we come to the dad, Yusuf Khan, who is always there to take care of his teenager Kamala. Yusuf Khan is played by Mohan Kapur, a famous South-Asian actor in Bollywood who has done many movie and TV roles. While you might not have seen him in many American live-action films, you might have heard him if you happened to watch the Hindi dubs for many famous movies. 

Kapur has done dubs for films such as The Dark Knight Rises, Race to Witch Mountain, Live Free or Die Hard and many, many others. In terms of movies that he’s appeared in, he's had roles in films like Mission Mangal, London Confidential, Squad and more. 

Matt Lintz in the trailer for Ms. Marvel.

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Matt Lintz (Bruno Carrelli)

There’s always a best friend, and that’s who Bruno Carrelli is in Ms. Marvel, supporting Kamala along the way and her strange new powers that she discovers. Matt Lintz portrays the character, and has been in a couple of movies and TV shows that you might recognize him from. 

For movies, he’s had roles in films like the Adam Sandler comedy, Pixels, Level Up and more. He also had a recurring role as Henry on The Walking Dead, had a major recurring role on The Alienist and has guest starred on many other shows, so his face might be a little familiar.

Yasmeen Fletcher in the trailer for Ms. Marvel.

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Yasmeen Fletcher (Nakia)

Next up, we have Yasmeen Fletcher, who portrays Nakia Bahadir, another friend of Kamala’s in Ms. Marvel. Like her co-star, Imani Vellani, Fletcher is still a relative newcomer to Hollywood, as she hasn’t had the chance to do as much as her other co-stars. However, she did have roles in films such as Let Us In, and Ham on Rye. 

She also had a recurring guest role in the show, Andi Mack, but Ms. Marvel is her first major role in a TV miniseries, so it’s great to see her start to break out into the mainstream media playing Nakia. 

Azhar Usman in his troupe's comedy special, Allah Made Me Funny. He will be in Ms. Marvel.

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Azhar Usman

Primarily a comedian and a writer, you might not have seen Azhar Usman that much in television and films because he typically works behind the scenes. However, you might have heard his jokes in many of his comedy specials or documentaries, such as It’s My Country Too: Muslim Americans, Allah Made Me Funny: Live in Concert!, and more. 

Ms. Marvel is his first television-acting role, so it’s exciting to see what he has to bring to the table. 

Rish Shah in the trailer for Ms. Marvel.

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Rish Shah

Moving on in Ms. Marvel, we have Rish Shah. This young actor has appeared in a few movies and television shows that you might recognize him from. In terms of TV, he was on the PrankMe TV series, as well as Emmerdale, where he played Kirin Kotecha. 

He had a role in the film, India Sweets and Spices, as well as portrayed Ravi in the Netflix hit, To All the Boys: Always and Forever, so it’s exciting to see him step into something else on television after some time in movies. 

Aramis Knight in the promo, 'Not Alone' for Ms. Marvel.

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Aramis Knight

Next up, we have Aramis Knight in Ms. Marvel. As one of the other young actors on this show, Knight has been in a good amount of things you might recognize him from, in terms of both movies and TV. With film, he had parts in movies such as Crossing Over, Runt, Ender’s Game and more. 

Television has been where he’s been seen more, as Knight has had some big roles on famous shows. He had a recurring role as Carlos on the popular Showtime series, Dexter, a recurring role on General Hospital, and had a main role as M.K. on the hit AMC series, Into the Badlands. 

Laith Nakli in Ramy, who will be in Ms. Marvel.

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Laith Nakli

Moving on, we have Laith Nakli in Ms. Marvel. An actor who has been around for some time, he’s appeared in many movies and TV shows that you might recognize him from before seeing him in Ms. Marvel. 

In terms of movies, he’s had roles in films like Arranged, The Visitor, I’m Not Me, Amira & Sam, The Wall, 12 Strong, Swallow and more. With television, he’s had a good amount of roles in many TV shows, including voicing several characters in 10-Year-Old Tom, portrayed Jimmy in Momo’s Amerika, playing Uncle Naseem in the Hulu original series, Ramy, Alim in The Long Road Home, Kasuma in 24: Legacy and many other guest roles. 

Travina Springer in Strange Angel.

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Travina Springer

The next cast member we have is Travina Springer in Ms. Marvel. In terms of movies, Springer has been in a good amount, appearing in a variety of genres where you might recognize her. Some of her biggest roles thus far have included American Sharia and The Mule, alongside several film shorts. 

She’s also had a prominent acting career in television, appearing in a variety of TV shows. These include Strange Angel as Alice, Unfair & Ugly as Roukaya Hakim (a show mentioned earlier with her co-star, Saagar Shaikh, who also starred in it), The New Shade of Black as Danielle, and many, many guest roles. She also had a role in the TV movie, Secs & Execs. 

Nimra Bucha in the trailer for Ms. Marvel.

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Nimra Bucha

Last but not least, we have Nimra Bucha in the Ms. Marvel cast. While she might not sound super familiar to American viewers, Bucha has had a prominent acting career in Pakistan. Since then, she has appeared in many Pakistani movies and TV shows as a main character. 

Some of her biggest film roles include Ho Mann Jaheen, Altered Skin, Kamli, Manto and more. Bucha has also appeared in a variety of Pakistani television roles, including Parsa, Mera Yaqueen, Sabz Pari Laal Kabootar, Aakhri Station, Baandi and more. However, Ms. Marvel is her first dive into American television, so it’s so awesome to see her appear in a great show like this. 

When it comes to all the upcoming Marvel properties, you can bet there are going to be cast lists just like this one full of amazing new and more experienced actors alike, all sharing their skills. And now, maybe you just might have found a new show or film from a Ms. Marvel cast member that you never would have thought to watch before.  

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