The X-Files

Where It Went Wrong: Season 9

The X-Files was a groundbreaking genre show that had viewers hooked into all the aliens, monsters, conspiracies, and chemistry that Agents Mulder and Scully brought to the small screen during the first seven seasons (and first movie). Then, in the Season 7 finale, Mulder was abducted by aliens, and David Duchovny departed the series as a regular. Season 8 was still more or less about Mulder and Scully, and Mulder did make it back for the second half of Season 8, but he was gone for almost the entire Season 9, and the show's attempts to recreate the skeptic/believer dynamic of Scully/Mulder with Doggett/Reyes fell short. Luckily, we got a revival series that was pure Mulder and Scully. Still, fans will undoubtedly never forget sitting through Season 9.

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