DC's Big Streaming Service Has An Official Name Now, And It's Going To Confuse People

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Fans of DC Comics got some great news back in 2017 with the announcement of a direct-to-consumer DC streaming service that would deliver new streaming content featuring some classic DC heroes and villains. A few projects have already been announced for the streaming service, but fans have been stuck waiting to find out just what they should call this streaming service. Well, the good news is that the name has been announced. The less good news is that the name might get kind of confusing. DC's streaming service will be called DC Universe.

Yes, DC Universe is the name of the highly-anticipated streaming service courtesy of DC Comics. On the one hand, the name should be easy to remember and recommend, and it's nice and broad. On the other hand, fans have been known to use "DC universe" to refer to everything ranging from a certain subset of TV shows to the various movies to even the comics. DC Universe will be something else entirely from the DC Extended Universe and the DC Universe on The CW.

Still, "DC Universe" could be the perfect name for the streaming service that will revolve entirely around DC characters and stories. Might there be some confusion about the Harley Quinn of the DCEU and the Harley Quinn of Harley Quinn? Sure. Will it be less confusing than the epic Flashpoint storyline? Probably!

The Harley Quinn series isn't the only one coming to DC Universe when it debuts later in 2018. The arguably most talked-about upcoming show is the long-awaited Titans project, which will feature none other than Dick Grayson as Robin leading a group of young superheroes. The heroes confirmed to appear so far other than Robin are Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy, Hawk and Dove, and members of the Doom Patrol, although the Doom Patrol heroes are unlikely to stick around. There may even be a second Robin showing up, and Wonder Girl is a possibility as well!

Some images from Titans have been released so far to give looks at what Robin and Hawk and Dove will look like, and DC Universe has now debuted a title card for the series sure to get DC fans excited. Take a look!

dc universe titans title card

Titans has never felt like more of a reality than now that the title card has been released! The Nightwing fan in me hopes that the blue-on-black is a sign that Dick Grayson will shed his Robin identity to become Nightwing sooner rather than later in the series, but we'll have to wait and see when DC Universe goes live later this year. The Titans image wasn't the only one released along with the news of the streaming service name, and you can find the other two on the next page!

dc universe young justice outsiders title card

Young Justice will finally be back on the small screen with a new batch of episodes to be called Young Justice: Outsiders. The DC Universe series was previously teased as slated to debut in the fourth quarter of 2018. It will bring back many of fans' favorite characters from the first two seasons, although probably not Kid Flash to begin. It should be interesting to see if characters like Dick Grayson and Beast Boy have major roles in the Outsiders series, given that they'll both be major characters on Titans.

For some of what we think needs to be addressed in Young Justice Season 3, swing by our picks for 7 big questions Young Justice: Outsiders needs to answer!

Harley Quinn will be a solo animated series that will follow Harley after she breaks up with the Joker. She'll embark on a mission to become the "criminal Queenpin of Gotham City" with the help of Poison Ivy along with a whole bunch of other awesome DC villains. This is another show that could theoretically feature versions of characters from Young Justice and Titans since it will be set in Gotham. Could we have three Dick Graysons on DC Universe by the end of 2018?

We can only wait and see. Be sure to check back with our list of all the TV shows planned for DC Universe for the latest updates, and swing by our list of important superhero TV dates. For some non-superhero viewing options, take a look at our summer TV premiere guide.

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