Big Brother Spoilers: Who Won HOH, And What It Means For The Rest Of The House

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for Big Brother's latest HoH competition. Read at your own risk!

The bitches conspired, and when the votes were cast only Jess voted that Kat stay over Cliff. The HouseGuests didn't have much time to rest following her elimination, of course, as after her exit it was right on to the next Head of Household competition. The remaining competitors all put on their best German gear for the "Aug-Toberfest" and tried to fill their giant beer mugs while navigating across a slippery surface.

While Big Brother viewers saw the opening moments of the competition (those who weren't checking up on Bella Wang's Twitter feed anyway), Julie Chen-Moonves then said goodnight and instructed everyone else to head to the live feeds. For those who don't have a CBS All Access subscription, the competition was fierce, but in the end Jackson Michie emerged victorious as the next HoH in the competition.

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It wasn't necessarily a week he had to win considering Jessica Milagros essentially made herself public enemy number one by tattling on alliances, but it would be a stretch to say Jackson was completely safe from the block this coming week. He and showmance partner Holly Allen are out of the main "final 6" alliance that was formed, so this gives him some major bargaining power to get some more people on his side going forward.

Now, it seems like Jess might just last another week after all as she'll be more than willing to jump in with Jackson and Holly now that he's HoH. As for Jackson, he's at a point where he needs a power play to shift the tides and prevent his elimination in a couple weeks. In short, he needs to take out a power player, and it's no secret he's had Christie Murphy in his sights for a while now. Perhaps trying to get ahead of the situation, Christie tried to play nice before the comp was officially Jackson's.

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Sorry, Christie! Those niceties probably don't mean much to Jackson at this stage in the game. The two have been trying to eliminate each other for the past two weeks, and have both narrowly missed opportunities to get it done. Christie campaigned hard to save Jack over Jackson and failed, and Jackson was ready to rally everyone against Christie until Tommy used his power of veto to save her from the block. She may not be the target, but odds are she's the target.

Now, Christie still has folks loyal to her in the house, but there's no denying that Jackson likely isn't the only one salivating at a chance to get her out of the game. In fact, it seems like Tommy Bracco (her secret final two alliance pal) is preparing to move on without her if things don't go her way.

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If Tommy and Nick Maccarone are serious about a guy alliance, they and the injured but mighty Cliff Hogg III could make a big move this week teaming up with Jackson. Take them plus Holly, and the odds of Christie getting someone else to take her down drastically decreases. If she's still on the block after veto, then all Jackson has to do is put someone up that everyone else would rather see stay over her. Did somebody say Nicole Anthony? I thought I heard her name.

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Of course things can change in an instant on Big Brother, so be sure to stick with CinemaBlend ahead of the next episode on CBS Sunday at 8:00 p.m. ET for any relevant updates on what's happening and what could happen next.

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