How The Rocket Mortgage Super Bowl Ad Made Jason Momoa So Unfortunate Looking

jason momoa rocket mortgage commercial super bowl 2020

Every year, the Super Bowl is filled to bursting with commercials designed to get our attention during touchdown breaks like no other ads before. We always get odd celebrity pairings, crazy storylines, tear-jerking spots, weird takes on pop culture touchstones and unforgettable imagery. This year's Super Bowl ads were no different, and one of the ones that made the most impact featured Aquaman himself, Jason Momoa...taking off all of his muscles (and hair) at the end of a long day. Now we've seen the secret to making Momoa look so unfortunate.

While it was obvious that some cinematic trickery was at play in the Rocket Mortage commercial which hilariously shocked the nation, we now know exactly what went into making Jason Momoa the super thin, nearly hairless man who so gleefully removed all of that supposed extra padding at the end of his day. Momoa recently posted a behind the scenes video to his Instagram which shows just how it was done. Take a look!

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OK, raise your hand if you were as shocked as I was that there was an actual thin dude who stood in for Jason Momoa as he revealed his non-superhero bod. Yes! I knew you would be! Even after seeing the ad multiple times, it never occurred to me that anyone other than Momoa and his lovely wife, actress Lisa Bonet, were in front of the camera for this commercial. So, special shout-out to that secondary actor for helping this whole thing come together.

And, it appears that this wasn't an entirely easy process for Momoa or our thin friend. While each of them had to be fitted with some prosthetics, it looks like the most difficult part of filming the commerical was making sure they moved in exactly the same way as they were walking through the house removing body parts. Otherwise, the special effects team, who were tasked with merging their forms for the finished ad, would have had a much harder time making them look like one, skinny but still large-headed Jason Momoa.

jason momoa rocket mortgage ad super bowl 2020 actor double

While I understand that Jason Momoa with a largely bald pate isn't as satisfying for many as his long hair (or even short-ish hair), the much reduced body mass was even more of a shocker in the commercial. Of course, now that we've seen what type of physique Momoa was sporting as they shot the ad, and can see that he's not quite as ripped as he is when in full superhero form, I certainly hope no one even dares to revisit the dad bod shame from last summer. Let the man eat some cookies, OK?!

You'll be able to see an even more ripped version of Jason Momoa in Dune, which opens in theaters on December 18, but he's also blindly fighting his way across an apocalyptic landscape in the Apple TV+ show, See, right now. For more on what you can watch in the coming weeks, bookmark our 2020 premiere guide!

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