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The Bachelor Madison Prewett cries hometown date ABC

SPOILERS ahead from The Bachelor 2020, aka Bachelor Peter Weber's Season 24.

We finally have some breaking news this week on Peter Weber's The Bachelor 2020 finale! I was going to make the headline "Shocking Madison Updates" but is it shocking that virgin Madison Prewett quits Windmill Pete's season? Madison leaving was already one theory on why Bachelor Peter might not have a "normal ending." Then again, it is surprising that Madison was recently spotted filming something with The Bachelor producers. This is reportedly NOT for The Bachelorette 2020 filming:

Did Madison just film an update to her love story with Bachelor Peter? Does she leave during The Bachelor Season 24 filming -- which happened from September to mid-November 2019 -- but he wins her back in the real world and they are together now in February 2020? Madison is smiling in that Twitter photo but she does tend to smile and laugh (and say "like") a lot in general.

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We still don't know everything, but there's a lot to read into Reality Steve's latest spoilers updates. Up to this point, Steve only knew that Madison Prewett and Hannah Ann Sluss were Bachelor Peter Weber's final two, with Victoria Fuller having a lot of drama over hometowns but returning for overnight/fantasy suite dates before being sent home again.

There's still a lot that Reality Steve hasn't confirmed about the ending -- and what happens to Hannah Ann Sluss through this whole thing -- but he did say he thinks Bachelor Peter picked or wanted to pick Madison. He thinks they're dating right now but not yet engaged. That's complicated by the news that "Madison self-eliminates this season," as in she quits, she leaves, she walks out, however you want to phrase dumping Windmill Pete. He's certain about that.

Does Madison return in the end? I would imagine she doesn't show up again in the finale itself in Australia or Peter could've had that "normal" ending. Just pick one -- Madison or Hannah Ann -- and be done. Plus, If Madison is filming something for The Bachelor this week, it's possible they are filming a post-show check-in like they did when Hannah Brown dumped Wrong Reasons Jed in that pre-taped piece, or on Bachelor in Paradise when cameras followed Tayshia and John Paul Jones for their (brief) reunion.

When does Madison quit The Bachelor? Apparently after the overnight date rose ceremony, because it's after Victoria F. leaves. But when exactly, Steve was not sure. It could be before she talks to Peter's parents but, remember, she already met them on her first date with Peter.

So anyone who thought Peter's mom was talking about Madison in her "bring her home to us" speech is probably right. Probably.

Why does Madison quit? Well, as you might also guess, it's reportedly related to sex. Madison tells Peter she is a virgin well before the overnight dates So he already knows that going into the fantasy suites. By then, it sounds like Madison is not OK with Bachelor Peter having sex with the other women. He already said he was falling in love with her and it sounds like she was hoping for him to keep it in his pants. But this is Pete. If she really thought that, she shouldn't have come on The Bachelor at all, but especially not on a season with a guy who had sex four times in a mindmill with Bachelorette Hannah Brown.

According to Steve, Madison hears from either or both Hannah Ann and Victoria F. that Bachelor Peter did have sex with them. Madison is reportedly not OK with that and decides to leave. That must happen in Australia, where both the overnight/fantasy suites episode and finale took place. We have that promo of Peter saying he doesn't know what to do, his heart is broken right now, and I suspect that's about Madison leaving.

It almost sounds like a mix of Colton/Cassie and Luke P./Hannah B. Cassie quit Colton's season toward the end because she wasn't ready to get engaged, but they reconnected to Give It A Shot and are dating but not engaged. Luke P. confronted Hannah Brown about having sex with other guys on overnight dates and it became the breaking point for their relationship. Is this different? Since the finale spoilers are not totally known, Bachelor Peter's finale ending might have major differences.

Bachelor Peter Weber and host Chris Harrison have been acting like no one will be able to guess this ending. ABC exec Rob Mills dropped a hint about the story not even being over yet -- which might fit with Madison quitting but reconnecting with Bachelor Peter right now in the real world to Give It A Shot.

One interesting note: Madison reportedly has nothing to do with Chris Harrison's news, whatever "we all" just found out. So that's a separate thing we still have to hear about. Chris' news is not that Madison left.

This could be why ABC exec Rob Mills talked about the ending being a roller coaster. Maybe Bachelor Peter was crazy in love with Madison and then she quit and he didn't know what to do but leave. OR what if there's a twist like Bachelorette Desiree's season, where she seemed to have the best connection with Brooks until he quit. Then she ended up getting engaged to Chris anyway -- and now they are happy together.

What if Bachelor Peter is heartbroken over Madison but decides it's a sign he should be with Hannah Ann, but then something happens with Hannah Ann and SHE leaves too? Maybe she quits or something else happens to make it a not normal ending. I am totally stretching on that. It is a pure speculation theory and most likely as crazy as the pregnancy and producer theories. It wouldn't even make sense for that to be Chris Harrison's update, since Peter being down to no one wouldn't fit with Chris' semi-casual "I don't know how this ends..." news. In that case, Chris would be more like, "Peter, I don't know what to tell you. You're fucked."

But Hannah Ann does have some role in the finale and we need to know what it is. Is she basically like her real-life friend Hannah Godwin last year -- just sitting there waiting for the Bachelor to show up while he has an existential crisis over another bachelorette? Or is she directly involved in his finale choice?

If Hannah Ann is dumped or ignored in the end, that might help her case as the next Bachelorette. Or ABC could listen to Bachelor Peter, who was actually smart about something with his thoughts on who should hand out roses this spring.

For the first time this season, I'm excited to see what happens next. It sounds like there will be another two-night finale, and Victoria F. might not even be shown going home on overnights until the first night of the finale. However, even if that happens, I do think they'll need to include her in the "Women Tell All" special. How can you cover so much of the drama without her? Yeah, there are a lot of other things to talk about, but she's tied to so much of it and she deserves to have her say.

The Bachelor 2020 continues Mondays at 8 p.m. on ET. The "After the Final Rose" special should give us major Peter Weber updates but also possibly/probably confirm the next Bachelorette, since she will have to start filming immediately. That weird new spinoff will follow The Bachelor Season 24, then The Bachelorette Season 16, and then Bachelor in Paradise 2020, which will probably star 90% of Peter's (too) young cast.